Double Reed Production (Oboe) 6

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106VSH6 Z 1 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Teaching students the skills to analyse construction material (wood), know various modification technologies and protecting and storage of the final product (reeds, double-reeds)

Mode of study

Presentation of experience in production of double-reeds and reed adjustment.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

reed, gouger, pregouger.

Course contents

This course provides students with practical and methodical instruction skills which are required for the production or adjustment of oboe reeds. The structure of wood in relation to tone quality is explained. The production of reeds of various strengths, sounds, lifespans and uses at all levels and other aspects of oboe playing is instructed.

  1. Introduction to planing equipment
  2. Preparation of wood and materials
  3. Overview of varous procedures with consideration of the individual needs of the students.
  4. Comparison of results in various production procedures
  5. Selection of procedure in the production of read with consideration of the different needs of the individual
  6. Long-term monitor and checking of production procedures or adjusments or changes.

Recommended or required reading

Presentation of experience in making double-reeds and adjusting reeds.

Assessment methods and criteria

Reed production correspondes to the playing disposition of each bassoon player and considers the interpretation ideas in aspects of sound, color, dynamics and expression.

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