Basic Choreography for Education and Movement Scholarship 2

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107CHX2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course should provide dance and dance research students with experience with creating choreographies in a process of designing the proposal, creating the script to the movement execution in the extent corresponding to experience and needs of the students of those studies.

Mode of study

Lecture, classes, consultations

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of the course requires dance experience, knowledge of dance techniques and dance theory fundamentals. This course is linked to Fundamentals of Choreography for Dance Instructors and Dance Research 1.

Course contents

Instruction continues to add to knowledge acquired in the previous semester. Students continue work on choreographic tasks. Instruction of theory continues covering: basic expression means of choreography (movement, time, space, groups of dancers - solo, duet, trio and larger groups) and their use in relation to the dramaturgical content of the choreography: summary of staging components (music, set design, text). Working on etudes includes dance design of the established intentions through which various dance techniques are used. Students work individually and in groups, mutually taking part in the completion of tasks.

Recommended or required reading

Mlíkovská, Jiřina: Vybrané kapitoly z choreografie, Praha 1990

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

participation in lectures, classes and consultations

A condition of successfull completing the course:

Completion of one's choreorgraphic project in written form (libretto, dramaturgical direction).



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