Bachelor Preparatory Work 2

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107PBP2 Z 2 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course covers written work and the bachelor's choreographic work. It takes place based on individual consultations with the paper advisor. The aim is to create content and formal concept, learning working methods and formal requirements and, finally, creation of the bachelor's thesis. The intentions depend on the area of study and individual intentions of each student.

Mode of study

Course content is individual consultations with the bachelor thesis advisor in which the topic, resources, methodology concepts, analytical tools and conclusions are discussed.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No specific requirements.

Course contents

This course serves to create the bachelor's thesis work for Dance Pedagogy and Dance Research studies. In this course students individually consult with the thesis advisor about collecting material (resources) and its critique and analysis, creating the design of the work and its methodology, designing the text including the language/style and formality development (bibliography and notation).

In Choreography studies, along iwth the written work, is also work on one's choreographic piece on an assigned theme (fugue). The course works on the creative tasks such as music selection, content and movement concept, design of the dance space and costuming, working with performers and the overall execution of the choreography performance.

Recommended or required reading

Eco, Umberto: Jak napsat diplomovou práci, Votobia 1997.

Fukač, Jiří; Poledňák Ivan: Úvod do studia hudební vědy, Olomouc 2005.

Stopy tance. Taneční prameny a jejich interpretace, AMU Praha 2007.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

independent work on a text concept/choreography; systematic and consistent work; regular consultatons

During the course regular consultations, consultation preparation, consistent work on a text/work from preparation (selection of resources, orginal material for choreography) through a review of the work process and its completion are required. Grading is comprised of all aformentioned elements.

Condition for successfull completion of the course is the creation of the bachelor's written/choreographic work fulfilling the parameters for such practice.

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