Reperatory of Folk Dance 4

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107RLI4 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students learn to decipher dance from only a video recording. Study of selected parts of a work's step elements and particulars.

Mode of study

Mastery of the selected dance in a dance hall. Study of a dance according to a video or notation.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Particpation in class. Ability to present parts of discussed choreographies.

Course contents

Theory and history introduction to the Zlatá Brána (Golden Gate): A work not only as a cross-section of a whole year in the life of people but also a large part of our folklore area. During one performance students have the opportunity to gain a basic overview of the life of people and the color and segmentation of folk dance in the Czech Republic. This work came about after ceaseless collaborative work of choreographers, composers and artists which resulted in a completely unique and solid performance. Issues in stylizing folklore bases: Zlatá Brána is a stylization of original folk fundaments in dance, music and art. Students are introduced to a level of stylization which during classes they attempt to adopt. Basic step material in enriched and ornamented with additional with additional elements (from classical dance technique).

Selection and parts studied: First students watch the entire performance. Upon mutual agreement with the instructor, a part is selected which will be the object of study. Unfortunately, no other recordings are available and the students must get the dance only from the video. This manner of dance reconstruction is difficult and often the only available. Student have the opportunity to acquire practice in this type of work. Each studied part is recorded by the student in order to learn to notate dance for further study or repetition. Solos and pair parts, expression and acting sections, and group dances are studied.

Recommended or required reading

Zlatá brána

Hudba: Trojan, Václav

Námět a umělecká spolupráce: Plicka, Karel

Libreto: Plicka, Karel; Hynková Libuše

Choreografie: Hynková, Libuše

Vyrobila: Hlavní redakce hudebních pořadů Československé televize Praha 1978.

Frolec, Václav: Vánoce v české kultuře, Brno

Horváthová, Emília: Rok vo zvykoch nášho ľudu, Bratislava 1986.

Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation in lessons. Knowledge of the choreographies covered.



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