Stage Design and Costuming 2

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107SK2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to create an overview of the development of the concept of dance set-design and costuming in relation to the history of clothing, history of theatre set-design in general and Czech in particular. This overview should be used by choreography students in their choreography practice in collaboration with a designer.

Mode of study

Lecture, classes

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No special requirements. A good bearing in fine arts and theatre history is required.

Course contents

The presentation proceeds chronologically according to the individual style periods with an emphasis on phases related to intensive development in theatre set design (antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque, 19th and 20th centuries). As well the history of clothing, changes in architectural styles and development of set design are covered. Special attention is devoted to significant figure of past and present Czech theatre set design.

Recommended or required reading

Kybalová, L.: Starověk; Středověk; Renesance; Barok a rokoko; Od empíru k druhému rokoku; Doba turnýry a secese, Praha 2000, 2001;

Máchalová, J.: Móda 20. století, Praha 2003;

Baudot, F.: Móda století, Praha 2001;

Ptáčková, V.: Česká scénografie 20. století, Praha 1981;

Svoboda, J.: Tajemství divadelního prostoru, Praha 1992;

Material from the Prague Quadrienale, Bienale in Venice, journals: Scenografie, Interscene, etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

activity in lecture

Conditions for successfull completion of the course:

the course paper and its presentation.



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