Dance Research Methodology Seminar 1

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107SMV1 Z 6 1T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course provides students with an overview of the methodology basis used in modern dance research. It introduces current research topics and expands the theory foundation for independent research activity in the field, for example for the bachelor's thesis.

Mode of study

discussion, text analyses, course work.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of the Dance Research Pro-Seminar and Historical Dance Research are presumed. An overview of dance history and basics of systematic dance research.

Course contents

In the first semester the course reviews various methodological procedures which may be applied in the study of dance in the area of historical and systematic dance research. The use of historical, cultural, anthropological, sociological, and ethnochoreographical methods, and dance analysis are demonstrated in particular studies. The work takes place in the form of discussion over selected texts, Czech and foreign, their detailed analysis and author's critique of the selected procedure and conclusions. As well, the debate involves the general basis of the selected aproach requiring a detailed familiarization with the main contemporary humanities and social sciences trends. An emphasis is placed on the understanding of the research process in formulating the topic and basic theory, collection and classification of material, establishment of analysis questions and manner of ther understanding and formulating the conclusions. In the semester, aside from working with selected texts, student talk about the work proces of their bachelor's thesis.

Recommended or required reading

Adshead-Landsdale, Janet; Layson, June eds.: Dance History. An Introduction, London, New York 1994.

Buckland Theresa; Gore, Georgiana eds.: Dancy, Style, Youth, Identities, Strážnice 1998.

Studia Choreologica, Vol. I-VIII.

Baxmann, Inge: Mythos: Gemeinschaft. Körper- und Tanzkulturen in der Moderne, München 2000.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

active participation in class

completion of course assignments


Active work in class, completion of course work, readings are required throughout the course.

The conditions for successfull completion of the course: completion of course work, readings, independent work with information sources.



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