Dance Sociology 1

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107STA1 Z 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to introduce the basic currents and methods of sociology and potential of their application in the undersanding and study of dance. This primarily regards the understanding of dance as a social activity, quantitative and qualitative methods. An additional goal is the creation of historical overview of the development of the understanding of dance as part of society/culture in the works of sociologists.

Mode of study

Presentation, discussion, text analyses

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Presumed overview of the history and theory of dance, i.e. completion of Survey of the History of Dance and Ballet, Survey of the History of Dance in the Czech Republic, Modern Dance Directions and 20th Century Ballet History, Introduction to Dance Theory and Dance Analysis, but not a requirement.

Course contents

In the first part of the presentation the students are introduced to socioldogy as a general scientific discipline, its historical development and formation, main concepts and content, frequent topics and sociology research methods, particularly the concept of qualitative and quantitative research, using polls. Attention is devoted to the main sociology theorys of the past and present. The development of sociological interpretation of other arts, particularly the developed sociological review of music is reviewed. Sociologically motivated research of other types of art demonstrate frequent topice and manners of interpretations of the arts. An extensive presentation is devoted to manners of theory reviews of the human body in traditional European thought, because only the formation of a specialized sociology of the body enabled attempts at a sociological review of dance using the body as an expression media. In this presentation the contrary concept of the body as a tool of the devil is demonstrated, a physical container which needed to be cared for, features of a biological entity and object of cultural influences which is demonstrated in studies by supporters of this concept. The final section of the presentation is comprised of an overview of the oldest sociological conceived reviews of dance along with brief notes of generally formulated considerations, primarily the first study specially intended for a sociological presentation of dance.

Recommended or required reading

Bauman, Zygmunt: Myslet sociologicky, Praha 1997.

Bauman, Zygmunt: Úvahy o postmoderní době, Praha 1995.

Bek, Mikuláš: Vybrané problémy hudební sociologie, Olomouc 1993.

Bek, Mikukáš: Konzervatoř Evropy? K sociologii české hudebnosti, Praha 2003.

Böhme, Fritz: Materialien zur einer soziologiechen Untersuchung des künstlerischen Tanzes. In Ethos, 1, 1925/26, s. 274-293.

Giddens, Anthony: Sociologie, Praha 1999.

Habermas, Jürgen: Strukturální přeměna veřejnosti, Praha 2000.

Petrusek, Miroslav: Teorie a metoda v moderní sociologii, Praha 1993.

Scott, Sue; Morgan, David eds.: Body Matters, London, Washington 1996.

Spencer, Herbert: Essays: Scientific, Political and Speculative, London 1901.

Thomas, Helen: Dance, Modernity and Culture, London 1993.

Velký sociologický slovník, Praha 1996.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: participation in lectures, readings of assigned literature

During the semester, independent reading and participation in lectures is required.

Conditions for successfull completion of the course: participation in lectures, literature readings.


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