Folk Dance Training 2

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107TLT2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mastery of dances and their variations from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia with emphasis on a knowledge of regional characteristics.

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Active participation in lessons. Creation of a warm-up for folk dance technique and knowledge of a selected dance.

Course contents

Expansion of knowledge of dance steps and their variations: Students are introduced to additional dance steps and their regions. Effort is made to match the character of the step as much as possible. Steps are practiced in larger and smaller phrases and complicated floor movements. Dance steps: Lachian Polka, Elements of the Wallachian and Lachian Odzemek, Verbuňk figures, Mazur Polka, Russian Polka and other special dance steps.

Step material in regional characters: For each individual region a movement training is prepared which the students go through before studying the entire dance from a given region. Performing this step in various folklore regions maz be very diverse and so the student has the opportunity to learn that diversity. This is the foundation stone of the color of our folk dance.

Dances of other regions and their local variations: The most typical regional dances are covered individually: Central Bohemia - Dupák, Pětičtvrteční, Kalamajka: Central Bohemia - Křižák, Ruská Polka (two reels): West Bohemia - Furiant, Rokycanská, Pantoflíčky, Talián: Southern Bohemia - Doudlebská Polka, Přibíračka: Silesia - Čihaný, Vrtek: Lachia - Dratenik, Ondraš, Dymak, Kohut: Wallachian - Jánošík, Starodávný, Raubšícký, Šotyška: Moravia-Slovakia - Sedlácké, Verbuňk. Some dances have multiple variations. We compare them and subsequently enrich our ideas, adjusments and changes appropriate for the given dance.

Recommended or required reading

Bonuš, František; Kos, Bohumil; Mišurec, Zdenek: Zbojnické písně a tance, Praha 1953.

Seidl, Jan; Špičák, Josef: Zahrajte mi do kola, Praha 1945.

Kos, Bohumil: Lidové tance ve školní tělesné výchově, SPN Praha 1983.

Jelínková, Zdenka: Valašské tance, Praha 1954.

Jelínková, Zdenka: Lidové tance z Kopanic, Brno 1957.

Socha, Vincenc: Lašské tance, vlastní náklad 1950.

Janáček, Leoš: Národní tance na Moravě, Praha 1987.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

activity in exercises



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