Partnered Dance 2

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107TSP2 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to introduce students to pair dance principles, in classical academic dance and in the area of contemporary dance. Emphasis lies in the management of partner dance technique.

Mode of study

Lecture, exercises.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A good knowledge of dance technique (classical and modern) is necessary.

Course contents

Main principles of contact improvisation technique

Creation of movement through changing contact points of dancers' bodies

gradual body turns, concentration on body isolation, movement in several direction at once

movement in place

movement in a space: at a low, medium and at the highest levels

working with weight

working with pulling

taking on the weight of a partner without lifts


At the close of the semester, the creation of one's etude based on the principles learned and excerpts from contemporary choreographies studied.

Recommended or required reading

Birkmann, Ulla: Kontaktimprovisation - Neue Bewegung im Tanz, Frankfurt am Main 1990.

Černá, Eva: Kontaktní improvizace, diplomová práce, HAMU Praha 1996.

Cohen, Bonnie Bainbridge: Sensing, Feeling, and Action, Northampton 1993.

Novack, Cynthia Jean: Sharing the Dance, Madison 1990.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: attendance in lectures and exercises

To successfully complete the exam a movement study from each technique is required.


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