Introduction to the Study of Dance Scholarship 2

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107UST2 ZK 2 1T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to create a basic overview of the subject, historical development, research topics and starting points for dance research, its institutional foundation in the world and the Czech Republic, the main figures in the field and in literature.

Mode of study

Presentation, discussion, text analyses.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No requirements. A good bearing in dance and its contemporary situation in the world and the Czech Republic.

Course contents

In the second semester the presentation is devoted to important figures of Czech and world historical and current dance research, an analysis of their works and their concept of the review of dance events. (Ex: Alfred Waldau, Čeněk Zibrt, Emanuel Siblík, Jan Rey, Eliška Bláhová, Jarmila Kroeschlová, Božena Brodská, Hannah Laudová, Zdena Jelínková, Vladimír Vašut, Thoinot Arbeau, Louis de Cahusac, Jean-Georges Noverre, John Weaver, Albert Zorn, Rudolf Laban, Ivor Guest, Věra Krasovská, Horst Koegler, Adrienne Kaeppler, and others.) Also the development and status of the field in individual countries, particularly important centers such as Germany, France, England, USA, Russia, Italy is review.Students are introduced in detail with the pivotal dance research works among which are Orchesographie of Thoinot Arbeau, Pages on Dance and Ballet by J.G. Noverra, An Essay on the History of Dance by John Weaver, A World History of Dance by Curt Sachs, Jak se divat na Tanec by Jan Rey. A special presentation covers the development of the historical review of dance, changes in its priorities and explanatory paradigms beginning ith the early works of Claude-Francoise Menestrier, John Weaver, through Jaques Bonnet, Albert Czerwinsky, Rudolf Voss, Alfred Waldau, Franz M. Boehme, Čeněk Zíbrt, to the works of Oskar Bie, Curt Sachs, Ivor Guest and others in the 20th century.

Recommended or required reading

Gremlicová, Dorota: Alfred Waldau. K dějinám českých dějin tance. In Historické studium tance v českém prostředí, Praha 2002.

Waldau, Alfred: Geschichte des böhmischen Nationaltanzes, Prag 1861.

Noverre, Jean-Geoarges: Listy o tanci a baletech, Praha 1945.

Bie, Oskar: Der Tanz, Berlin 1923.

Böhme, Franz Magnus: Geschichte des Tanzes in Deutschland, I, II, Leipzig 1886.

Franz, Leonard: Alt-europäische Tänze. In Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien, 63, 1933, s. 186-213.

Nettl, Paul: Histoire de la danse et de la musique de ballet, Paris 1966.

Ralph, Richard: The Life and Work of John Weaver, London, New York 1985.

Sachs, Curt: World History of the Dance, New York 1937.

Rey, Jan: Jak se dívat na tanec, Praha 1947.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

participation in lectures

assigned readings

oral exam

During the semester independent readings and participation in lectures (discussions) are required. The oral exam is decisive in the overall grading.

The conditions for successfull completion of the course: independent study of texts and participation in lectures and primarily passing the oral exam.



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