Basics of Choreography 3

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Choreography - abstract movement transcription of a music score in sonata form with out efforts to express content for at least three performers. To prepare a simple stage and costume treatment. To develop a choreography script respecting the music score.

Mode of study

This course is linked to „Fundamentals of Choreography“ in the second study year. The third year covers issues of the close relationship between music form and choreography, including detail work with a music score.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Choreography study students much be graduates of a dance conservatory or another vocational school of similar significance. They must have been a dancer in a professional ballet ensemble or other professional dance ensemble. The student must pass the entrance process, have talent, imagination, managerial and organizational skills for performing as a creative choreographer.

Course contents

The relationship of movement and music. The main educational goal is that student choreography to a sonata selected by the student be closely tied to the music composition. The selection of movement tools should faithfully follow the architectural construction of the sonata form in space treatment and dynamics. Also, students prepare a music and choreographic analysis of the scorce which requires ad knowledge of the sonata form. The educational assignment is and abstract transcription of the music score without efforts to contextual messages but free ideas are not limited. The number of performers is open and an on stage execution is required, that is, an idea of a simple choreography stage and costume treatment.

Recommended or required reading

Lois Ellfeldt : A Primer for Choreographers, Waveland Press 1998

Jiřina Mlíkovská : Choreografické etudy, Praha 1964

Jiřina Mlíkovská : Vybrané kapitoly z choreografie, Praha 1990

Jiřina Mlíkovská : Choreografické výklady a etudy, Praha 1995

Doris Humphrey : The art of making dances, New York 1959

Tufnell,Crickmay: Body Space Image,Notes Towards Improvisation and Performance, 1990

Smith-Autard: Dance Composition, 1976

Blom, Chaplin: The intimate act of choreography, 1989

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: activity in class and exercises, creation of a movement study.



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room H2041
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Thu 10:45–12:15 Bohumíra ELIÁŠOVÁ white studio
Hartigovský palác

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