Basic of Dance Aesthetics 1

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107ZTE1 Z 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To acquire and awareness of aesthetics in relation to dance. The abililty to diagnose these events in dance works. To adopt functional dance work analysis methods.

Mode of study

Readings and subsequent text presentations. Analysis of recorded choreography works. Discussion. Research in the work reception and perception process.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of General Aesthetics, knowledge of basic aesthetic and arts research terms. Ability to analyze events. A wide cultural view.

Course contents

A definition of dance in relation to human society: potential definition of dance as a particular human cultural endeavour. Analysis and comparison of definitions. Types of dance function in society.

Dance and Art: Necessary and sufficent conditions for arranging a dance work in art. Recognition and analysis of the function of a dance work based on structuralist theory.

Dance and Theatre: Fundamental and historical relationships between dance and theatre in general. When does dance become theatre? Research of the particular relationship of dance and a theatre presentation. Definition of Ballet. Types of theatre dance pieces and their particulars.

Recommended or required reading

Mukařovský, Jan: Studie z estetiky. Odeon Praha 1966

Dorfles, Gillo: Proměny umění. Odeon Praha 1976

Novák, Mirko: Od skutečnosti k umění. NČVÚ Praha 1965

Chvatík, Květoslav: Strukturální estetika. Host Brno 2001

Ovsjanikov, M. F. a kol.: Marxisticko-leninská estetika. Svoboda Praha 1977

Váross, Marian: Estetično, umenie a člověk. Tatran Bratislava 1969

Volek, Jaroslav: Otázky taxonomie umění. Étos a afekt. In: Estetika, č. 3-4,1970 a č. 1-2, 1971

Volek, Jaroslav: Kapitoly z dějin estetiky I. Panton Praha 1985

Schumacher, Ernst a kol.: Darsteller und Darstellungskunst, Berlin 1981

Jůzl, Miloš.-Prokop,Dušan:Úvod do estetiky. Panorama Praha 1969

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on activity in lecture and an analysis of a selected choreographic work and its subsequent defense in discussion.



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Thu 14:15–15:45 Václav JANEČEK classroom
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