Music History 5

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108DHU5 ZK 4 2T Czech winter

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Jaromír HAVLÍK

Name of lecturer(s)

Jaromír HAVLÍK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Presentation of the history of European music of the 1st half of the 20th century (from 1918 to the Second World War).

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of History of Music 4. No other requirements.

Course contents

A required course for all music and music theory studies at HAMU. Two hours per week in the Winter semester of the second year of bachelor's study. Instruction is concluded with credit from the lecture material of the Winter semester (History of Music 3) and Summer semester.

Series 1: European Music Development in the 1920s. Rise of the Avant garde and it relationship to tradition. Series 2: The Viennese School, The Paris Six, Beginnings of working with non-music sounds (futurism, Varese). Situation in the Soviet Union. Series 3: Situation of music composition in The Czechoslovak Republic, relationship to national tradition and the European Avant Garde. Martinů

Recommended or required reading

Abraham, Gerald: Stručné dejiny hudby.- Bratislava 2003 (překlad z angl.)

Danuser, Hermann: Die Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts. Neues Handbuch der Musikwissenschaft, Bd.7, Laaber 1984

Einstein, Alfred: Geschichte der Musik.- 1Leipzig 1917-18, poté řada dalších vydání

Bek, Josef: Světová hudba 20. století.- Praha 1968

Burešová, Alena: Pavel Bořkovec.- Olomouc 1994

Burian, Karel V.: Puccini a jeho doba.- Praha 1968

Danilovič, L.D.: Dmitrij Šostakovič.- Moskva 1958

Deppisch, Walter: Richard Strauss.- Hamburg 111991

Helfert, Vladimír: Česká moderní hudba.- Olomouc 1936, nově in V.H.: Studie o hudební tvořivosti, Praha 1971

Bek, Josef: Hudební neoklasicismus.- Praha 1982

Faltin, Peter: Igor Stravinskij.- Bratislava 1965

Helfert, Vladimír: Česká moderní hudba.- Olomouc 1936, nově in V.H.: Studie o hudební tvořivosti, Praha 1971

Group authorship: Dějiny české hudební kultury 1890-1945.- 1.díl: 1890-1918, Praha 1972 // 2. díl 1918-1945, Praha 1981

Mihule, Jaroslav: Bohuslav Martinů. Profil života díla.- Praha 1974

Mihule, Jaroslav: Bohuslav Martinů.Osud skladatele.- Praha 2002

Smolka, Jaroslav: Česká hudba našeho století.- Praha 1961

Smolka, Jaroslav: Česká kantáta a oratorium.- Praha-Bratislava 1970

Stuckenschmidt, Hans Heinz: Arnold Schönberg.- Praha 1971

A more detailed list of recommended study literature is on the HAMU Music History and Theory Dept. website.

Assessment methods and criteria

An exam at the end of the Summer semester on the lecture material from the Winter and Summer semesters. The conditions for being allowed to sit the exam is a reading of at least two of the recommended study material for the History of Music 3 and 4. The student in the exam presents their completed written abstract from at least one of the studied books.



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Thu 13:40–15:10 Jaromír HAVLÍK Učebna 2017
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