Music-theoretical Minimum 4

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108HTM4 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course continues in the work started in Music Theory Minimum 3 and is intended for students who have not completed harmony and counterpoint instruction at the secondary level education. The course aim is to guide students to an understanding of basic concepts of these disciplines to the extent they will be able to work in the continuation course Composition Analysis and apply knowledge in their main study.

Mode of study

Students are continuously assigned independent study of sections and exercises from the recommended literature. Exercises are completed in class and ambiguity arising from the independent study are covered in discussion. Tests and analytical probes to check the understanding of the covered issues are arranged throughout.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A requirement for study is graduation of the MT Minimum 3.

Course contents

This course takes place in both semesters, 2 classes per week and concluded with credit. The instructor assigns material for independent study and students complete assignments. In class, results of independent study are discussed. The level of knowledge is monitored by component tests and analytical probes. Class attendance and participation - 60%, completed tasks - 40%.

Recommended or required reading

FILIP, M. Vývinové zákonitosti klasickej harmónie. Bratislava :SHV, 1965. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2A 3345)

HŮLA, Z. Nauka o kontrapunktu. Praha : Editio Supraphon, 1985. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2B 2554c-e)

OWEN, H. Modal and tonal counterpoint : from Josquin to Stravinsky. New York : Schirmer, 1992. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2B 3960)

TICHÝ, V. Harmonicky myslet a slyšet.Praha : HAMU, 1996; Praha : NAMU, 2011. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2B 3820a-d)

WILLI, B. Generálbas, aneb Kdo zavraždil kontrapunkt? Brno : Musica Sacra, 2010. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2A 6777 (a-b))

ZENKL, L. ABC hudební nauky. Praha : Editio Supraphon, 1978. (signatura v knihovně HAMU H_2A 5947)

Assessment methods and criteria

At the beginning of the semester the will be an entrance exam for knowledge comparison, on-going verification tests and analytical probes. There will be on-going discussions over study materials and completed exercises. Credit based on attendance and work.



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room 2057
Učebna 2057

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Thu 10:20–11:50 Iva OPLIŠTILOVÁ Učebna 2057
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