Music and the Media

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110HAM ZK 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Thorough theory and practice knowledge of media, the media market and the role of media in the distribution and providing of music including a knowledge of corresponding legislation.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

An exam presumes the knowledge of the basic facts in the history and present of spheres of media, bearing in all appropriated legal bearings, knowledge of the most important radio and television genres in radio and television broadcast and internet fora for distributing music. Ability to evaluate a location and significance of the media for management.

Course contents

This course introduces the older, but in particular, new era and modern history relations of music and its medialized forms. The presentation begins with the important of notation and printing to the first form of recording sound and particularly the mass distribution of music through radio.

The history of radio and television broadcast is covered, defining the differences between various types of radio broadcasts in the Czech Republic, in Europe and overseas. It discusses in detail the corresponding regulation legislation of Czech Radio and Czech Television. It analyses the situation and place of radio broadcast in the age of the information revolution.

Lectures are connected with visits to two radio studios and Czech Television, or visits and lectures by top-ranking and experienced workers in those institutions.

The basic program and publicity genres are defined from simple programming, through publishing councils on music to direct broadcast. The role of radio and television broadcast in the contemporary music world is analysed.

Lectures contain an introduction to issues of direct and indirect distribution, complete product commerce and media, music on the internet with all its pros and cons, the current tendencies in that field.

The presented issues are applied in contemporary management practice, particularly in the area of arrangement, presentation and promotion of so-called classical music.

Recommended or required reading

A number of internet webpages, particularly Documents where all laws regarding radio broadcast are presented, and where are analogous laws regarding television broadcast.

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in lecture.



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