The Music Industry

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110HP ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Thorough knowledge of the domestic recording industry market, ability to analyse the activity of large, medium and small companies, applying knowledge in practice - simulated complete recording project.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

This course presumes a knowledge of lecture material and an ability to apply it to projects/products, a good bearing in the current situation of the record industry particularly in the Czech Republic, knowledge of significant record houses of the past 10 years in the Czech Republic.

Course contents

A brief history of sound recording from the beginning of the 20th century.

Industrial use of sound recording - breakthrough character of mass distrubution - so called „canned music.“

Rise of recording houses and the entire recording industry branch.

Analysis of recording house activity from dramaturgy proposals and plan through sound, respectively sound image production to distribution and distribution network issues.

The past and present of the recording industry in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic.

Todays recording industry issues, analysis of the so-call 5 majors, world market share financially and number of pieces sold.

Other domestic and foreign companies

Classical music market sector and its share on world and domestic markets.


Recording industry world organizations (IFPI) and their Czech branch.

The situation after the „invasion“ of the internet and new types of recording media (MP3, DVD, SACD), the so-called recording industry crisis.

Prospectives and future of the recording industry, recordings and their medialization - promotion, marketing, sales, recording contractual security.

Recommended or required reading

IFPI internet pages, world and Czech recording companies, OSA, INTERGRAM, world and Czech trade publications.

Assessment methods and criteria

knoowledge of the current world recording industry market, preparations for the CD exercise.



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