Practical in Studio 2

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171PS2 ZK 5 4T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To independently execute a music recording; manage the recording process and demonstrate sensible collaboration with the sound director in processing and finalization of the recording as a music director. Student consolidate and develop necessary habits; analytical listening, decisiveness, ability to clearly formulate their comments on the musicians' performance.

Mode of study

Independent music recordings in the school recording studio in collaboration with Sound Dept. students. Instrument department students are invited for the recording.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General talent. Knowledge from the previous semester.

Necessity to complete lectures and course lessons in Music Directing.

Course contents

Students execute their own independent music recording. They learn to work with Sound Design students. Together they record and edit at least two different music recordings and bring them to their final form. They record simple compositions for solo instrument (classic sonata, etc). In the recording, emphasis is placed on the development of listening skills for the current recording and sensible reactions to continuous commentary. As well, students learn to manage the documentation of individual recording to have a consistent overview of the recording material.

Recommended or required reading

Recorded music notation material.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on these criteria:

  1. General start in the recording process (ex: bearing in the text notation, substance and sense of commentary on musician performance, speed of decision, management of the recording log and preparation of the editing plan).
  2. General start in processing the recording material (overview of the recording take quality, ability to judge the quality of an edit, ability to judge the necessary measure of final sound adjustments of the recording).



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