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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
171AKU Acoustic Czech ZK 1 1T
171UPA Acoustic Czech Z 1 1T
171AKM Acoustic Measurements Czech ZK 4 12S ZK 4 12S
171AHNLH Acoustics of Music Instruments and the Human Voice Czech ZK 2 2T
180DOPZ Another industry- subject study
Czech ZK 15 ZK 15 Subject is not scheduled
171DPHR2 Didactics/Teaching Practical of Music Direction 2 Czech ZK 1 2T
171DPZV1 Didactics/Teaching Practical of Sound Production 1 Czech Z 2 1T
171DPZV2 Didactics/Teaching Practical of Sound Production 2 Czech ZK 2 1T
171DT Digital technology Czech ZK 2 2T
180DPZT Disertation - text part
English, Czech Z 60 BLOK Z 60 BLOK Subject is not scheduled
171PSEA Electro-acoustic Music Listening Seminar Czech Z 1 12S
171EAK Electroacoustic Czech ZK 2 2T
171PEZ Electronic Sound Practical
Czech Z 1 14S Subject is not scheduled
180MG Facial expression , gesture and voice work
Czech Z 15 Z 15 Subject is not scheduled
171VZT1N Free Sound Production 1 Czech ZK 6 1T
171VZT2N Free Sound Production 2 Czech ZK 6 1T
171VZT3N Free Sound Production 3 Czech ZK 6 1T
171VZT4N Free Sound Production 4 Czech ZK 6 1T
171ZEZT1 Fundamentals of Electro-acoustic and Sound Technology 1 Czech ZK 2 1T
171ZEZT2 Fundamentals of Electro-acoustic and Sound Technology 2 Czech ZK 2 1T
171ZAZT1 Fundamentals of Sound Production 1 Czech Z 2 1T
171ZAZT2 Fundamentals of Sound Production 2 Czech ZK 2 1T
171ZZTH Fundamentals of Sound Technology for Musicians Czech ZK 1 1T
171LH Human voice Czech Z 2 2T
171UPZT1 Introduction to Sound Production 1 Czech ZK 6 2T
171UPZT2 Introduction to Sound Production 2 Czech ZK 6 2T
171UAH Introduction to acoustics for Musicians Czech ZK 2 2T
171HR1 Music Direction 1 Czech Z 4 2T
171HR0 Music Direction 10 Czech Z 14 2T
171HR2 Music Direction 2 Czech ZK 5 2T
171HR3 Music Direction 3 Czech Z 5 2T
171HR4 Music Direction 4 Czech ZK 7 2T
171HR5 Music Direction 5 Czech Z 7 2T
171HR6 Music Direction 6 Czech Z 9 2T
171HR7 Music Direction 7 Czech Z 13 2T
171HR8 Music Direction 8 Czech ZK 13 2T
171HR9 Music Direction 9 Czech Z 14 2T
171HUEL1 Music Electronics 1 Czech ZK 2 12S
171HUEL2 Music Electronics 2 Czech ZK 2 14S
171HPA1 Music and Psychological Acoustics 1 Czech ZK 6 2T
171HPAK2 Music and Psychological Acoustics 2 Czech ZK 6 2T
171HUAK Musical Acoustics Czech ZK 2 2T
180AKUS Physiological, psychological and musical acoustics
Czech Z 20 2T Z 20 2T Subject is not scheduled
171PS1 Practical in Studio 1 Czech Z 5 4T
171PS0 Practical in Studio 10 Czech Z 12 4T
171PS2 Practical in Studio 2 Czech ZK 5 4T
171PS3 Practical in Studio 3 Czech Z 5 4T
171PS4 Practical in Studio 4 Czech ZK 5 4T
171PS5 Practical in Studio 5 Czech Z 8 4T
171PS6 Practical in Studio 6 Czech Z 8 4T
171PS7 Practical in Studio 7 Czech Z 8 4T
171PS8 Practical in Studio 8 Czech ZK 8 4T
171PS9 Practical in Studio 9 Czech Z 10 4T
171RT Radio Production Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA1 Scores Reading 1 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA2 Scores Reading 2 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA3 Scores Reading 3 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA4 Scores Reading 4 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA5 Scores Reading 5 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA6 Scores Reading 6 Czech Z 1 1T
171CPA7 Scores Reading 7 Czech Z 2 1T
171CPA8 Scores Reading 8 Czech Z 2 1T
171CPA9 Scores Reading 9 Czech Z 2 1T
171RON1 Selection of Recordings 1 Czech Z 1 12S
171RON0 Selection of Recordings 10 Czech ZK 4 14S
171RON2 Selection of Recordings 2 Czech Z 1 14S
171RON3 Selection of Recordings 3 Czech Z 1 12S
171RON4 Selection of Recordings 4 Czech Z 1 14S
171RON5 Selection of Recordings 5 Czech Z 1 12S
171RON6 Selection of Recordings 6 Czech Z 1 14S
171RON7 Selection of Recordings 7 Czech ZK 4 12S
171RON8 Selection of Recordings 8 Czech ZK 4 14S
171RON9 Selection of Recordings 9 Czech ZK 4 12S
180SZT Seminar on music sound
Czech Z 15 2T Z 15 2T Subject is not scheduled
171PZT1 Sound Production Practical 1 Czech ZK 6 2T
171PZT2 Sound Production Practical 2 Czech ZK 6 2T
171PZT3 Sound Production Practical 3 Czech ZK 6 2T
171PZT4 Sound Production Practical 4 Czech ZK 6 2T
171PZT5 Sound Production Practical 5 Czech ZK 8 2T
171PZT6 Sound Production Practical 6 Czech ZK 8 2T
171PZT7 Sound Production Practical 7 Czech ZK 8 2T
171PZT8 Sound Production Practical 8 Czech ZK 8 2T
171SZT1 Sound Production Seminar 1 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT0 Sound Production Seminar 10 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT2 Sound Production Seminar 2 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT3 Sound Production Seminar 3 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT4 Sound Production Seminar 4 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT5 Sound Production Seminar 5 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT6 Sound Production Seminar 6 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT7 Sound Production Seminar 7 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT8 Sound Production Seminar 8 Czech Z 2 2T
171SZT9 Sound Production Seminar 9 Czech Z 2 2T
171TZZ Sound Recording Production Czech Thu
Učebna Zvukové studio
ZK 1 1PT
171SSA Special Aural Analysis Czech Z 1 1T Z 1 1T
171SSA1 Special Aural Analysis 1 Czech Z 2 1T
171SSA2 Special Aural Analysis 2 Czech ZK 2 1T
171SSA3 Special Aural Analysis 3 Czech Z 2 1T
171SSA4 Special Aural Analysis 4 Czech ZK 2 1T
171SSA5 Special Aural Analysis 5 Czech Z 2 1T
171SSA6 Special Aural Analysis 6 Czech ZK 2 1T
171SSA7 Special Aural Analysis 7 Czech Z 2 1T
171SSA8 Special Aural Analysis 8 Czech ZK 2 1T
171TSA1 Technical hearing analysis 1 Czech ZK 4 12S
171TSA2 Technical hearing analysis 2 Czech ZK 4 14S
171ZPS The fundamentals of Practical in Studio Czech Z 2 4T Z 2 4T
171TZT1 Theory of Sound Production 1 Czech ZK 2 1T
171TZT2 Theory of Sound Production 2 Czech ZK 2 1T
171TZT3 Theory of Sound Production 3 Czech ZK 2 1T
171TZT4 Theory of Sound Production 4 Czech Z 2 1T
171TZT5 Theory of Sound Production 5 Czech ZK 2 1T
171TZT6 Theory of Sound Production 6 Czech ZK 2 1T
180TZT Theory of sound production
Czech Z 20 Z 20 Subject is not scheduled
171TZOZ1 Video Sound Recording Production Czech ZK 3 1PT