Acoustics of Music Instruments and the Human Voice

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171AHNLH ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course provides a basic bearing in physical properties of natural sources of music signals and an understanding of the effect of subjective sound property perception, particularly with a view to organizing their sound recording.

Mode of study

Interactive instruction.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge of the basic concepts music acoustics.

Course contents

  1. Source of music sound as an acoustic system, tone generation model, Division of musical instruments from an acoustic perspective
  2. Chordophones, string osscilations, resonator properties, string instrument tone color, string and piano tone color
  3. Aerophones, oscilation mechanisms, vibration of wind columns, woodwind and brass instrument tone color
  4. Pipe organs: lip and tongue pipes, construction of organ sounds, diapozon registers, influence of bladder and tract on organ tone properties
  5. Idiophones and membranophones, stick osscilations, plates and membranes, sound color of tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments
  6. Tuning musical instruments, systems overview, measuring tuning
  7. Dynamic and performance properties of musical instruments, directional beam properties of musical instruments
  8. Voice: human vocal tract, vocal chords, the vocal tract, formants (vowels, consonants); Dynamics properties (whisper, accent), melody and understandable words
  9. Singing voice: Development and division according to range, intonation and singing voice technique, breathing, dynamic properties of the singing voice
  10. Musical instruments in a space: types of spaces, influence of sound properties
  11. Development of musical instruments:music and sound thought, constructive treatment, manageability
  12. Sound quality: aesthetic qualities, acoustic qualities of musical instruments and music spaces
  13. Summary

Recommended or required reading

V. Syrový: Hudební akustika, AMU 2003, kap. 6

V. Syrový: Kapitoly o varhanách, AMU 2004, kap. 2-6

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in lectures and classes.



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Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

room 2056
Učebna Zvukové studio

(Liechtenstein Palace)
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Mon 12:20–13:50 Zdeněk OTČENÁŠEK Učebna Zvukové studio
Liechtenstein Palace
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