Sound Recording Production

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171TZZ ZK 1 1T Czech summer

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Ondřej URBAN

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Ondřej URBAN

Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course provides an overview of basic information regarding the organization and production of sound products and basic techology processes.

Mode of study

contact instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

  1. Introduction to sound production, the technical and economic demands of sound technology
  2. Recording, take technology, playback technology, use of multi-track recording
  3. Sound post-production, mastering, executing electro-acoustic music
  4. Organization and production preparations for recording
  5. Publishing intentions of a recording, format and media selection
  6. Selection of recording space, selection of recording technology
  7. A professional recording team
  8. Organziation of sound post-production and mastering
  9. Economics and time demands of post-production procedures, accompanying recording list
  10. Radio direct broadcast, organizational, technological and production particulars
  11. Particulars of sound production, use of archive recordings.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in lectures.



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