Introduction to acoustics for Musicians

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171UAH ZK 2 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Upon completion the student will be able to describe basic physics regarding acoustic waves and the spread of sound in various environments, basic phenomena which influence the spread of sound and by this the listener's perception of sound in a space. The student will understand basic acoustic and psycho-acoustic concepts.

Mode of study

Interactive instruction

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A fundamental knowledge of physics at the high-school level and general knowledge of musical sound is required.

Course contents

  1. Basics of psycho-acoustic interaction of man and sound, frequency values, sound, acoustic signal, auditory perception, tone, noise
  2. Oscillation and its basic dimensions, surpressed and non-supressed oscillations, resonance, composite oscillations, harmonic tones, spectrum, spectral analysis
  3. Wave in point levels and its basic dimensions, gradual separated and cross waves, sound reflection, interference, rise of stagnant divided and cross waves
  4. Space waves, straight and round waves, Huyghen's Principle, wave spread across barriers, wave reflection and curve
  5. Space acoustics, sound streaks and their reflection, characteristics of space oscillations, sound field, acoustic statistics, undertone, reverberation, average resonances
  6. Objective and subjective acoustic quality parameters of concert and theatre spaces and recording studios, acoustic properties of interior elements, sound isolation
  7. Sources of music sound, chordophones, string oscillations, resonator properties, cold patterns, aerophones, air colum vibrations
  8. Idiophones and membranophones, stick oscillations, surfaces and membranes, voice, vocal chords, the vocal tract
  9. Reed organs, organ sound structure, diaposon registers, electronic organs; synthesis types; Physics and math modelling of musical instruments, overview of tuning system
  10. The listening process, subjectivity of perception, sound field, subjective psycho-acoustic dimensions, volume levels, tone height, limen differential
  11. Psycho-acoustic measurement, masking, time thresholds, beats, combination tones, critical band width
  12. Binaoural and space hearing, the musical instrument and the listeners in real spaces, adaptation, fatigue and hearing loss, audiometry
  13. Sound quality, aesthetic quality, musical instrument and space quality, development of instruments and spaces.

Recommended or required reading

Syrový, Václav: Hudební akustika, AMU 2003, kap. 1,2,7

Syrový, Václav: Malý slovník základních pojmů z hudební akustiky a hudební elektroniky, AMU 2001

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This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 2056
Učebna Zvukové studio

(Liechtenstein Palace)
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Thu 14:00–15:30 Zdeněk OTČENÁŠEK Učebna Zvukové studio
Liechtenstein Palace
lecture parallel1

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