Music Electronics 1

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171HUEL1 ZK 2 1T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The purpose of the course is to acquaint the students with the development of electro-mechanic and electronic musical instruments, their construction, sound properties and use.

Lectures are supplemented with music samples demonstrating sound and music use of the covered instruments.

Mode of study

Moderated discussion

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge of music acoustics, electronics and studies in musical instruments.

Course contents

  1. Electrophone systems, natural signal model generation, synthesis and re-synthesis
  2. First contact of music with electricity
  3. Mechanical piano, Disklavier
  4. Telharmonium, Choralcelo, Hammond organs, generator units and spinach systems of electronic organs
  5. Instruments with electrostatic recorders (Everett Orgatrom, Electrochord, Wurlitzer piano, Cembalet, Pianet)

6 string instruments with electromagnetic pick-ups (Neo-Bechstein, Rickenbacker, Fender, Gibson, Danelectro, Chaman-stick guitars)

7.Rhode-Fender piano, Clavinet, Klaviphon

  1. Instruments with piezo-electric pick-ups (Varitone, Ovation, Yamaha Electric Grand, NS Design, Silent Strings, Variax)
  2. Electrostatic and electro-optic organs (Compton, Welte, Optigan), ANS
  3. Magnetophone instruments (Chamberlin, Mellotron)
  4. Linear and non-linear synthesis methods
  5. Additive and subtractive synthesis. Modulation and form methods. Modelling and other synthesis methods.

Recommended or required reading

Syrový, Václav: Hudební akustika - AMU 2003

Syrový, Václav, Guštar, M.: Malý slovník základních pojmů z hudební akustiky a hudební elektroniky, AMU 2012

Guštar, Milan: Elektrofony I, Uvnitř 2007

Guštar, Milan: Elektrofony II, Uvnitř 2008

Assessment methods and criteria

Completion of an oral exam.



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