Music and word

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186HAS1 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Familiarize students with the basics of literature theory in order to use them in musical theory.
  2. To acquaint students with the basics of the composition of a literary work in order to use them in musical theory.
  3. To familiarize the listener with the interpretation of the literary work and its parallel with the musical interpretation.
  4. To acquaint students with the basic genres of musical journalism and their use

Mode of study

contact instruction, lecturing, controlled dialogue, text analysis

Prerequisites and co-requisites

The student must have secondary education from Czech and world literature at least in the range of education at the Conservatory.

Course contents

The subject of Music and Word 1 is based on an understanding of the basic theoretical support of literature, its content and interpretation, which are relevant for use in the theoretical and musical field.

  1. Introduction to the Problem:

function of literature, basic types and genres and their frequency in music

  1. epic, lyric, drama
  2. Literature artistic and popular; language as a literary code
  3. author - literary work - reader, psychology and sociology of literary creation
  4. linguistic means, speech types, poetic image, figurative constructions
  5. verse and rhythm, rhyme and stroph, free verse
  6. solid poetry forms
  7. Composition, theme and motive, story, storytelling, characters
  8. themes and their literary grasp
  9. meaning and interpretation, evaluation and value
  10. literary work versus its musical form
  11. Basic overview of contemporary literature

13th introduction to music journalism (news, essay, reviews, criticism, etc.)

  1. Summary, discussion, types for further continuous self-education

Recommended or required reading

Requirde reading:

Mocná D., Peterka J. a kol. Encyklopedie literárních žánrů, Paseka 2004

Peterka J. Teorie literatury pro učitele PF UK 2007

Recommended reading:

Červenka M. – Maxcura V. – Med J. – Pešat Z: Slovník básnických knih, Praha 1990

Červenka M. – Jankovič M. – Kubínová M. Langerová M.: Pohledy zblízka: zvuk, význam, obraz. Poetika literárního díla 20. století. Praha 2002

Haman.A.: Literární druhy. in: Úvod do studia literatury a interpretace díla. Jinočany 1999

Ibrahim Robert -Petr Plecháč – Jakub Říha: Úvod do teorie verše, Akropolis 2013

Janoušek P. (ed.) Slovník českých spisovatelů od r. 1945, 21 – 2. Praha 1995-1998

Poláček J. a kol. Průhledy do české literatury 20. století. Brno 2000

Pospíšil I. a kol. Světové literatury 20. století v kostce. Praha 1999¨

sb. Nejlepší české básně, Host 2009 - 2017

sb. V souřadnicích mnohosti, Academia 2014

sb. V souřadnicích volnosti, Academia 2008

Assessment methods and criteria

Credits are awarded on the basis of:

activities on lectures

preparation of the semester work

passing the final text

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 2017
Učebna 2017

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Thu 18:30–20:00 Věra ŠUSTÍKOVÁ Učebna 2017
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Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

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