Music Theory - Systematics 4

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186HTS4 ZK 6 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Lecture on higher music theor issues. Basic topics: Introduction to Music Theory, Music Theory Classification and Analysis, Applied Music Theory, Research in Music Theory Classification and Analysis. The aim is to prepare Music theory professionals with perspectives for application in Musicology and Education.

Mode of study

Contact instruction. Lectures in advanced music theory issues, text comparisons analysing selected examples of music structure.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Prerequisites: Completion of Music Theory - Classification 3

Requirements - Courses:

Music Theory - Special Issues 4

Music Theory Text Analysis 4

History of Composition Styles and Types 2

Music Theory 4

Composition Theory 4

Composition Study 4

Fundamental Composition Techniques 4

History of Music 4

Historically Informed Performance 2

Ethnomusicology 3

The aforementioned requirements are not needed if the student has selected Music Theory - Classification 4 as an elective in the study plan.

Course contents

History of Music Theory systems

Recommended or required reading

Burjanek, Josef: Hudební myšlení. SPN, Praha-Brno 197O.

Černý, M. K.: Hudba antických kultur. Universita Palackého, Olomouc 1995.

Hába, Alois: Souměrnost evropského tónového systému. Rytmus, roč. IX, 1944, č. 7.

Hutter, Josef: Melodický princip stupnicových řad.

Hutter, Josef: Harmonický princip. Česká akademie věd a umění, Praha 1941.

Hutter, Josef: Hudební myšlení. V. Tomsa, praha 1943.

Kohoutek, Ctirad: Hudební styly z hlediska skladatele. Panton, Praha 1966.

Kresánek, Jozef: Tonalita.

Risinger, Karel: Intervalový mikrokosmos. Knižnice Hudební rozpravy, Supraphon, Praha 1971.

Tichý, Vladimír: Modalita. Živá hudba VIII, SPN, Praha 1983.

Note: Valid until 5.4.2006

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

defense of the semester paper in discussion

oral exam over the lecture topics

knowledge of the study literature

practical skills arising from the lecture topics

Grading reflects the quality of the presented knowledge and abilities of independent debate in discussion.


Lecture supplements topics in the Music Theory course.

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