Music Theory - Systematics 6

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186HTS6 Z 12 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

vLecture on higher music theor issues. Basic topics: Introduction to Music Theory, Music Theory Classification and Analysis, Applied Music Theory, Research in Music Theory Classification and Analysis. The aim is to prepare Music theory professionals with perspectives for application in Musicology and Education.

Mode of study

Contact instruction. Lectures in advanced music theory issues, text comparisons analysing selected examples of music structure.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Prerequisites: Completion of Music Theory - Classification 5

Requirements - study courses

Music Theory - Special Issues 6

Music Theory Text Analysis 6

Music Theory 6

Music Dramaturgy 2

Basics of Composition Techniques 6

Aesthetics 2

Aesthetics Seminar 2

The aforementioned requirements are not required if the student selects as an elective Music Theory - Classification 6 in their study plan.

Course contents

Introduction to music analysis

Aims and methods of music analysis

Structural analysis of music

Analysis of musical expression

Melody analysis

Harmony analysis

Tectonic analysis

Analysis of polyphonic music structure

Introduction to the Schenker analysis

Mutual work in the field of music analysis.

Recommended or required reading

Janeček, Karel: Harmonie rozborem. Praha 1964

Forte, Allen: Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis, New York, 1993

Čas v hudbě. Sborník ze semináře hudebně vědecké oblasti SČSKU, věnovaného otázkám hudebního rytmu. Praha 1983

Janeček, Karel: Tektonika. Supraphon, Praha 1968.

Risinger, Karel: Hierarchie hudebních celků v novodobé evropské hudbě. Panton, Praha 1969.

Risinger, Karel: K otázce časového rozsahu skladeb. Hudební věda 1971, č. 2.

Tichý, Vladimír: Úvod do studia hudební kinetiky. HAMU, Praha 1994, 2. vydání 2002

Tichý, Vladimír: Tektonická úloha kinetiky v Českých tancích Bedřicha Smetany. Hudební věda 1996/1, str. 4O-5O.

Tichý, Vladimír: Systematika hudební kinetiky jako součást teorie skladby. In: Musica Nova. JAMU, Brno 1997

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on participation in class and development and presentation of the course paper on an assigned lecture topic.


Lecture supplements topics in the Music Theory course.

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