Theory of Theatre and its Components 1

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201ETJ1 Z 2 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 19 to 29 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Systematic reflection on basic problems and questions connected with the emergence and development of dramatic art, analysis of concrete examples from contemporary stage practice.

Mode of study

Classes, development of master's exam questions and their presentation.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

The course ends with a text on knowledge learned, taking into account tasks completed dealing with at least one topic in the form of a coherent essay (ca. 3 to 5 standard pages), and reflection on one's own practical activity on stage.

Course contents

This course combines lectures and classes (2 classes weekly) developing knowledge and skills acquired in the bachelor's study of theatre and drama theory to a new level at which the interest of the student is focused on general issues and on the other hand, issues of individual trades (theory, directing, dramaturgy theory, acting theory).

The course syllabus is created by questions in the master's exam in the history and theory of acting, formulated to prompt brief considerations supported by examples; those considerations should rise from, not only, acquired knowledge, but also, a consideration of one’s own experience in stage and staging practice.

Questions in the master's exam in drama arts theory and history for all DAMU studies:

  1. Drama (stage) arts from the perspective of its cultural, aesthetic, and possibly psycho-social function: drama arts as a cultural factor, play, image, entertainment and/or self-expression.
  2. Drama arts in the Western and Eastern cultural traditions.
  3. Drama, dramatic, dramatics in “civil” life, in education and the arts.
  4. Theatre: institution, building, space, ensemble, operation, manner of communication, possibly, expression and/or arts.
  5. Drama and theatricality (staging): drama (not only in the sense of a theatre play) and theatre (stage), theatricality and spectacle, stage and theatricality, obvious and hidden.
  6. Acting (“staging”) in life and acting (stage, and by extension dramatic) arts.
  7. Mime: (dramatic, stage) arts as an image and expression.
  8. Types and genres of drama (stage) arts from the perspective of supply (creative intentions of those who do it) and demand (audience “needs” and tendencies).
  9. Types and genres of drama (stage) arts in connection with its elements and habits, and possible manners of their arrangement.
  10. The relationship of the stage and auditorium in the mirror (completed and possible) changes in the theatre space.
  11. Acting role recitation, comedy production and self-expression; actor and player, and comedian and actor, professional and amateur, actor and entertainer.
  12. Classical, Romance, Realism: attitudes and styles, periods and tendencies, common cultural sources and local period phenomenon.
  13. Archaic (traditional), modern and contemporary (post-modern): period, attitude, art.
  14. Trade and enthusiasm: requirements and particulars of the creative process in drama arts and its imaginative and intellectual moments, intuition and trade; conventions as a requirement and barrier to creation.
  15. Drama arts and the development of media.

Recommended or required reading

Pavis, Patrice - Dictionary of the theatre

Artaud, Antonin - The theater and its double

Bakhtin, M.M. - The dialogic imagination: four essays

Barba, Eugenio - The paper canoe: a guide to theatre anthropology

Bentley, Eric - The Life of the Drama

Bentley, Eric - The Theory of the Modern Stage: an introduction to modern theatre and drama

Bentley, Eric - What is Theatre?

Bowlt, J.E. - Russian art of avant-garde: theory and criticism: 1902-1934

Clark, B.H. - European theories of the drama with a supplement on the American drama

Elam, Keir - The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama

Fortier, Mark - Theory/Theatre: an introduction

Gajdoš, Július - From Drama Technique to Scenology

Ali, Moi - The DIY guide to public relations: [for charities voluntary organisations and community groups]

Älschitz, Jurij - 40 Questions of One Role: a method for the actor's self-preparation

Alschitz, Jurij - The Vertical of the Role: a method for the actor's self-preparation

Alschitz, Jurij - Training forever!

Aronson, Arnold - American avant-garde theatre: a history

Aronson, Arnold - Looking into the abyss: essays on scenography

Artaud, Antonin - The theater and its double

Astington, John H. - English court theatre: 1558-1642

Bakhtin, M.M. - The dialogic imagination: four essays

Baldwin, Peter - Toy theatres of the world

Ballet and modern dance

Barba, Eugenio - The paper canoe: a guide to theatre anthropology

Barton, John - Playing Shakespeare: an actor’s guide

Bartow, Arthur- Training of the American actor

Baur-Heinhold, Margarete - Baroque theatre

Baygan, Lee - Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup

Bennett, Susan - Theatre audiences: a theory of production and reception

Bentley, Eric - The Life of the Drama

Bentley, Eric - The Theory of the Modern Stage: an introduction to modern theatre and drama

Bentley, Eric - What is Theatre?

Bergan, Ronald - The Great Theatres of London

Bernstein, Joanne Scheff - Arts marketing insights: the dynamic of building and retaining performing arts audiences

Bial, Henry - The performance studies reader

Bicât, Tina; Baldwin, Chris (ed.) - Devised and Collaborative Theatre

Bigsby, Christopher - A critical introduction to twentieth-century American drama. [Volume] 3, Beyond Brodway

Bigsby, Christopher - Modern American drama 1945-2000

Bílková, Marie; Adamczyk, Vladimír - A mirror of world theatre: the Prague Quadrennial 1967 and 1991

Blum, Daniel - A pictorial history of the American theatre: 1900-1956

Boal, Augusto - Games for actors and non-actors

Bogart, Anne - A director prepares: seven essays on art and theatre

Bowlt, J.E. - Russian art of avant-garde: theory and criticism: 1902-1934

Brandesky, Joe (ed.) - Czech theatre design in the twentieth century: metaphor and irony revisited

Brandon, James R. (ed.) - The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre

Braun, Edward - Meyerhold: a revolution in theatre

Brazell, Karen - Traditional Japanese theatre: an anthology of plays

Brecht, Stefan - The Original Theatre of the City of New York

Brockett, Oscar G.; Hildy, Franklin J. - History of the theatre [2008]

Brook, Peter - The Empty Space [1969]

Brook, Peter - The Empty Space [1996]

Buchman, Herman - Stage Makeup

Burian, Jarka - Leading creators of twentieth-century Czech theatre

Burian, Jarka - Modern czech theatre: reflector and conscience of a nation

Celentano, Suzanne Carmack; Marshall, Kevin - Theatre management: a successful guide to producing plays on commercial and non-profit stages

Clark, B.H. - European theories of the drama with a supplement on the American drama

Clurman, Harold - The naked image: observations on the modern theatre

Colbert, François - Marketing culture and the arts

Corey, Irene - The mask of reality: an approach to design for theatre

Coward, Noël - Future indefitite: with the unfinished Past Conditional

Craig, Edward Gordon - On the art of the theatre [1957]

Craig, Edward Gordon - On the art of the theatre [2009]

Crossley, Michele L. - Introducing narrative psychology: self, trauma and the construction of meaning

CZ/PL: divadlo po rekonstrukci: teatr po przebudowie: the theatre after the reconstruction

Čechov, Michail Alexandrovič - The path of the actor

Čechov, Michail Alexandrovič - To the actor: on the technique of acting

Décorateurs de théatre Tchécoslovaques 1960-1970

Deren, Maya - Divine horsemen: the living gods of Haiti

Diggins, John Patrick - Eugene O’Neill’s America: desire under democracy

Diggle, Keith - Arts marketing

Docherty, Peter; White, Tim (ed.) - Design for performance: from Diaghilev to the Pet Shop Boys

Donnellan, Declan - The actor and the target

Earl, John - British theatres and music halls

Edström, Per - Why not theaters made for people?

Elam, Keir - The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama

Ellmeier, Andrea; Rasky, Bela - Differing diversities: eastern European perspectives: transversal study on the theme of cultural policy and cultural diversity: phase

Eva Farkašová: cesty, paths, Wege

Evans, G. Blakemore - Elizabethan-Jacobean drama: the theatre in its time

Evans, Mark - Jacques Copeau

Eyre, Richard - National service: diary of a decade at the national theatre

Eysteinsdóttir, Kristín (ed.) - Theatre in Iceland 2002-2004

Farber, Donald C. - Producing theatre: a comprehensive and legal business guide

Fencl, Otakar - The Czechoslovak theatre today

Finnegan, Ruth - Oral traditions and the werbal arts: a guide to research practise

Fischer-Lichte, Erika - Theatre, sacrifice, ritual: exploring forms of political theatre

Flanagan, Joan - Successful fundraising: a complete handbook for volunteers and professionals

Flint, Michael F. - A user's guide to copyright

Fo, Dario - The Tricks of the Trade

Fortier, Mark - Theory/Theatre: an introduction

Gajdoš, Július - From Drama Technique to Scenology

Gale, Maggie B. and Barker, Clive (ed.) - British theatre between the wars: 1918-1939

Gallerová, Vlasta; Ptáčková, Věra; Machalický, Jiří - Jaroslav Malina

Gaskill, William - A Sense of direction

Gassner, John - A Treasury of the theatre: from Henrik Ibsen to Arthur Miller: rev. ed. for colleges

Gassner, John - The theatre in our times: a survey of the men, materials and movements in the modern theatre

Gassner, John; Allen, Ralph G. - Theatre and Drama in the Making

Geever, Jane C.; McNeill, Patricia - Guide to Proposal Writing

Gilmore, James H.; Pine, B. Joseph - The Experience economy: work is theatre & every business a stage

Goldberg, Rose Lee - Performance art: from futurism to the present [1988]

Goldberg, Rose Lee - Performance art: from futurism to the present [2001]

Gordon, Robert ? The purpose of playing: modern acting theories in perspective

Grazia, Margreta de; Wells, Stanley (ed.) - Shakespeare

Grotowski, Jerzy - Towards a poor theatre

Hartley, John (ed.) - Creative Industries

Hartnoll, Phyllis - A concise history of the theater: 262 illustrations, 34 in colour

Hauser, Frank; Reich, Russell - Notes on Directing: 130 Lessons in Leadership from the Director`s Chair

Hazlitt, William - A view of the English stage: or a series of dramatic criticism (1906)

Heilbrun, James; Gray, Charles M. - The economics of art and culture

Herbert, Ian; Stefanova, Kalina (ed.) - Thetare and humanism ina world of violence

Herrick, James A. - The history and theory of rhetoric: an introduction

Hodge, Alison - Twentieth century actor training [2007]

Holdsworth, Nadine - Joan Littlewood

Hopkins, Albert A. - Magic: stage illusions, special effects and trick protography

Hüsken, Wim and Eisenbichler, Konrad (ed.) - Carnival and the carnivalesque: the fool, the reformer, the wildman, and others in early modern theatre

Chambers, Colin - Inside the Royal Shakespeare Company: creativity and the institution

Chorpenning, Charlotte B. - The twenty-one years with children’s theatre

Innes, Christopher - Avant Garde Theatre: 1892-1992

Innes, Christopher - Edward Gordon Craig - a Vision of Theatre

Innes, Christopher - Modern British drama: the twentieth century

Jackson, Russell - Victorian theatre: the theatre in its time

Johnstone, Keith - Impro for Storytellers: Theatresports and the Art of Making Things Happen

Johnstone, Keith - IMPRO: improvisation and the Theatre

Kaye, Nick - Postmodernism and performance

Kaye, Nick - Site-specific art: performance, place and documentation

Kazda, Jaromír - A Guide to the history of czech theatre

Kazda, Jaromír - A Guide to the history of czech theatre

Keefe, John; Murray, Simon - Physical theatres: a critical introduction

Keefe, John; Murray, Simon - Physical theatres: a critical reader

Kelly, Thomas A. - The Back stage guide to stage management

Kitchin, Laurence - Mid-Century Drama

Klein, Naomi - No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo

Kolankiewicz, Leszek (ed.) - On the road to active culture: the activities of Grotowski's Theatre Laboratory Institute in the years 1970-1977: [paper prep. in advance for participants in Symposium Milano, November - December 79]

Komissarževskij, B. - Moscow theatres

Krasner, David (ed.) - Method acting reconsidered: theory, practice, future

Kuhns, David F. - German expressionist theatre: the actor and the stage

Kurz, Iwona; Mencwel, Andrzej; Godlewski, Grzegorz (ed.) - Culture animation: looking back and forward

Kustow, Michael - Peter Brook: a biography

Lahr, John (ed.) - The diaries of Kenneth Tynan

Lajcha, Ladislav - Hommage to scenography 1920-2000

Langley, Stephen - Theatre management and production in America: commercial, stock, resident, college, community and presenting organizations

Langley, Stephen; Conte, David M. - Theatre management: producing and managing the performing arts

Language, Society and Power: An introduction

Lawson, Joan - Mime: the theory and practice of expressive gesture with a description of its historical developtmen

Lecoq, Jacques - The moving body: teaching creative theatre

Lecoq, Jacques; Bradby, David - Theatre of movement and gesture

Lewis, Justin; Miller, Toby (ed.) - Critical cultural policy studies: a reader

Lewis, Robert - Advice to the players

Linklater, Kristin - Freeing the natural voice

Luere, Jeane - Playwright Versus Director: Authorial Intentions and Performance Interpretations

Mamet, David Alan - Three uses of the knife: on the nature and purpose of drama

Mander, Raymond; Mitchenson, Joe - A picture history of the British theatre

Maťašík, Andrej - Slovak theatre [1997]

Maťašík, Andrej - Slovak theatre [1998]

Mattingly, Cheryl - Healing dramas and clinical plots: the narrative structure of experience

McClean, Daniel; Schubert, Karsten (ed.) - Dear images: art, copyright and culture

Medieval English theatre

Meinhof, Ulrike Hanna; Triandafyllidou, Anna - Transcultural Europe: cultural policy in a changing Europe

Merchant, W. Moelwyn - Shakespeare and the Artist

Merlin, Bella - Beyond Stanislavsky: the psycho-physical approach to actor training

Miholová, Kateřina - Ubu the King: Jarry & Grossman & Fára. Theatre on the Balustrade, 1964-1968. An Interactive Reconstruction

Miller, Judith G. - Ariane Mnouchkine

Miller, Toby; Yúdice, George - Cultural policy

Miloš Karásek

Mitter, Shomit - Systems of Rehearsal. Stanislavsky, Brecht, Grotowski and Brook

Moody, Jane and O’Quinn, Daniel (ed.) - The Cambridge Companion to British theatre: 1730-1830

Morash, Chris - A history of Irish theatre: 1601-2000

Morris, Eric - Acting from the ultimate consciousness

Nachmanovitch, Stephen - Free play: improvisation in life and art

Nánay, István; Tompa, Andrea - Hungarian Theatre at the Millennium

Nicoll, Allardyce - British drama: an historical survey from the beginnings to the present time

Nicoll, Allardyce - Stuart masques and the Renaissance stage

Nicoll, Allardyce - World Drama from Aeschylus to Anouilh

Nietzsche, Friedrich - The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche: the first complete and authorised English translation. Volume three, The birth of tragedy

Oddey, Alison - Devising Theatre: a practical and theoretical Handbook

Oddey, Alison; White, Christine - The Potentials of Spaces: the theory and practice of scenography & performance

Ortolani, Benito - The Japanese theatre: from shamanistic ritual to contemporary pluralism

Pallen, Thomas A. - Vasari on Theatre

Parker, W. Oren; Smith, Harvey K.; Wolf, R. Craig - Scene design and stage lightning

Pavis, Patrice - Theatre at the crossroads of culture

Percival, John - Experimental Dance

Poláčková, Dagmar; Mojžišová, Iva - Slovenská divadelná scénografia 1920-2000

Prentki, Tim and Preston, Sheila (ed.) - The applied theatre reader

Promoting issues and ideas: a guide to public relations for nonprofit organizations

Quinn, Michael L. - The Semiotic stage: prague school theatre theory

Rähesoo, Jaak - Estonian theatre

Reiss, Alvin H. - Cash in!: funding and promoting the arts

Reiss, Alvin H. - Don't just applaud - send money!: the most successful strategies for funding and marketing the arts

Rentschler, Ruth (ed.) - Innovative arts marketing

Ridout, Nicholas; Kelleher, Joe - Contemporary theatres in Europe: a critical companion

Robb, David - Clowns, fools and picaros: popular forms in theatre, fiction and film

Roberts, Philip - The Royal Court Theatre and the Modern Stage

Rojek, Chris - Celebrity

Roose-Evans, James - Experimental theatre from Stanislavsky to Peter Brook

Rowntree, Julia - Changing the performance: a companion guide to arts, business and civic engagement

Rudlin, John - Commedia dell’arte: an actor’s handbook

Rudlin, John; Crick, Olly - Commedia dell’arte: a handbook for troupes

Savarese, Nicola; Barba, Eugenio (ed.) - A Dictionary of theatre anthropology: the secret art of the performer. Second edition

Scott, A. C. - The classical theatre of China

Seabrook, John - NoBrow: the culture of marketing the marketing of culture

Shagan, Rena - Booking & tour management for the performing arts

Scheff, Joane; Kotler, Philip - Standing room only: strategies for marketing the performing arts

Schechner, Richard - Performance studies: an introduction

Schechner, Richard - Performance studies: an introduction. Second edition

Schechner, Richard - Performance theory [2005]

Schechner, Richard - The future of ritual: wrtings on culture and performance

Siegfried, W. - Theatre, opera, ballet in Rumania

Sierz, Aleks - The theatre of Martin Crimp

Simonson, Lee - The stage is set

Smith, Chris - Creative Britain

Sorelius, Gunnar - Shakespere’s early comedies

Sorell, Walter - The Dance through the ages

Southern, Richard - The Seven Ages of the Theater

Southern, Richard - The staging of plays before Shakespeare

Spolin, Viola - Improvisation for the theater: a handbook of teaching and directing techniques

Stanislavski, Constantin - An actor’s handbook: an alphabetical arrangement of concise statements on aspects of acting

Stanislavski, Constantin - An actor’s work: a student’s diary

Stanton, Sarah; Banham, Martin - The Cambridge Paperback Guide to Theatre

Steiner, George - The Death of tragedy

Šormová, Eva; Eynat-Confino, Irene (ed.) - Space and the postmodern stage

Taylor, Diana - The archive and the repertoire: performing cultural memory in the americas

Taylor, Millie - British Pantomime Performance

The theater of the Bauhaus [1961]

The Theatre in front of the curtain

The theatre of the Bauhaus [1996]

The U.S. theater: past and present

Theatre profiles 10: the illustrated guide to America's nonprofit professional theatre

Thomas, James Michael - Script analysis for actors, director and designers

Three decades OISTAT

Tonkin, Elisabeth - Narrating our pasts: the social construction of oral history

Toshio, Kawatake - Kabuki: baroque fuszon of the arts

Towse, Ruth - A Handbook of cultural economics

Turner, Victor - The anthropology of performance

Turner, Victor Witter - From ritual to theatre: the human seriousness of play

Unwin, Stephen - So you want to be a theatre director?

Vansina, Jan - Oral tradition as history

Volz, Jim - How to run a Theatre: a Witty, Practical, and Fun Guide to Arts Management

Warre, Michael - Designing and making stage scenery

Warshow, Robert - The immediate experience: movies, comics, theatre and other aspects of popular culture

Wilbur, Robert H. - The complete guide to nonprofit management

Wilmeth, Don B. - The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre

Wilson, Stephen - Information arts: intersections of art, science and technology

Wolford, Lisa; Schechner, Richard (ed.) - The Grotowski sourcebook [1997]

Wood, David; Grant, Janet - Theatre for children: guide to writing, adapting, directing

Young, Joyce; Wyman, Ken; Swaigen, John - Fundraising for nonprofit groups

Zarrilli, Phillip B. - Psychophysical acting: an intercultural approach after Stanislavski

Assessment methods and criteria

Completed with an exam checking the acquired knowledge considering the submitted task of developing at least one of the topics in the form of a related presentation (cca. 3-5 pages), self-review of stage activities.

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