Translating Seminar 2

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201PKP2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The goal of the seminar is both to continue with discussion of theoretical problems of translating, especially in relation to contemporary production practice, and to create one's own translation of a chosen play or of a coherent part of one. In doing so, the student is led to seek not the originally intended effect, but rather a theatrically effective and stylistically coherent translated solution.

Mode of study

Indepedent work on a translation. Investigating stylistic variations. Resolving translating issues (cultural clashes between the original and target). Resolving dramaturgy issues.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

At least a pre-college knowledge of a foreign language (English, German, French, Russian).

Course contents

The work in the course is assigned according to the language skills of the students, who, under the guidance of the instructor, select the basis, whose translation they have decided to work on. In working on the translation they will, as well, perform a dramaturgical analysis (including dramaturgy research) and propose a starting point for the dramaturgical-directorial concept.

Recommended or required reading

Texts for translation are selected based on students' language skill (see the curriculum).

Basic literature:

Jiří Levý, Umění překladu, (1963), Ivo Železný, Praha, 1998.

Jiří Levý, České teorie překladu, (1957), Ivo Železný, Praha, 1996,

I. Vývoj překladatelských teorií a metod v české literatuře,

II. Sborník zásadních studií o překladu.

Olga Krijtová, Pozvání k překladatelské praxi (Kapitoly o překládání beletrie), FF-UK, Praha, 1996.

Zlata Kufnerová, Milena Poláčková (ed.) a kol., Překládání a čeština, H+H, Jinočany, 1994.

Georges Mounin, Teoretické problémy překladu, Karolinum - nakladatelství UK, Praha, 1992.

Jan Vilikovský, Překlad jako tvorba, Ivo Železný, Praha, 2002.

Blahoslav Hečko, Dobrodružství překladu, Ivo Železný, Praha, 2000.

Milan Hrdlička, Literární překlad a komunikace, Nakladatelství ISV, Praha, 2003.

Milan Hrala (editor), Kapitoly z dějin českého překladu, Nakladatelství Karolinum, Praha, 2002.

As needed, the instructor may recommend other Czech or foreign literature or specific translations for inspiration.

Assessment methods and criteria

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