Perception of foreign tendencies in contemporary European drama 1

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201PZD1 Z 1 20S English, Czech winter and summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course broadens students' artistic view based on a detailed analysis of viewed foreign stagings (recorded or during an excursion abroad), enables an incorporation of knowledge into a context of the developmental tendencies in Czech Drama and one's own artistic practice, and become acquainted through practice with artistic methods of European directors, dramaturgists and actors.

Mode of study

Lectures, classes, workshops

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Attendance at not only individual classes but also participation in excursions abroad, workshops and lectures with foreign artists, reviewed in a course paper.

Course contents

This course familiarizes directing, dramaturgy and acting students in theory and practice with contemporary directing and acting tendencies in European Drama beyond the Czech Republic. Instruction is in English in both theory (analysis of recording from abroad, primarily from Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria), and in practice in excursions abroad to the center of European Drama (Parisian Coméedie Française, German theatres Deutsches Theatre and the Berliner Ensemble, the Vienna Burgtheater). Along with regular instruction, part of the class block is with external foreign instructors through workshops and lectures.

Recommended or required reading

Reviews and professional studies devoted to individual phenomena, accompanying image, text and audio-visual documentation (recordings, photographs, program documentation).

Assessment methods and criteria

Written analyses, reviews, English language research.

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