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202EAB1 ZK 2 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Integration of skills and experiences acquired during study in individual courses to a communicative persuasive stage form.

Mode of study

From the Summer semester of the 1st study year each Dept. student is required to prepare for the summary exam, twice each school year, approx. a ten minute solo performance of one's own theme. At the end of the Summer semester of the third study-year the student presents as part of the graduation of the independent performance of at least 45 minutes. Without the authorial graduation performance it is not possible to register for the state final exam.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Students must select an advisor among the dept. instructors for the original work presentation preparations who will have no ideas in the directing or writing of the screenplay.

Course contents

Screenplay preparations, exams, consultations and performance.

Recommended or required reading

The original presentation is independent which excludes the use of literature, citations and texts by others for the topic.

Brook, Peter: The Empty Space. New York: Simon and Schuster 1996.

Donnellan, Declan: The Actor and the Target. London: Nick Hern Books 2005.

Eichenbaum, Boris and Beth, Paul and Nesbitt, Muriel: The Structure of Gogol's „The Overcoat“, The Russian Review, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Oct., 1963), pp. 377–399.

Esslin, Martin. The Theatre of the Absurd. New York: Anchor Books 1969.

Frisch, Max: Sketchbook, 1946–1949. New York; London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1977.

Jung, Carl Gustav: Psychological Types. Great Britain: Tylor and Francis Ltd. 2016.

Vyskočil, Ivan and company: (Inter)acting with the inner partner. (Edited by Michal Čunderle and Alex Komlosi), Czech translated by Alexander Komlosi. Praha: Brkola 2011.

Assessment methods and criteria

Idea (subject) originality, dramaturgy work on it, movement, voice and speech performance, communicability of theatre devices and uniqueness of original expression are assessed.

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