Introduction to Authorial Acting 2

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202EUA2 Z 1 2 lecture hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 4 to 9 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students must have basic insight into the subject and understand the basic principles and contextual references.

Mode of study

Meetings with pivotal instruction members of the department in lectures and discussions, particularly with professors and associate professors (Vyskočil, Rut, Pilátová, Hančil, Čunderle, Slavíková, Musilová, etc.).

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Interest in the subject.

Course contents

Introduction to the theory and history of acting focusing on original creations and instruction.

Recommended or required reading

Donnellan, Declan: The Actor and the Target: New Edition. London: Theatre Communications Group 2006.

Čunderle, Michal and Komlosi, Alexander: Ivan Vyskočil: A Life Commitment to the Alternative, in Slavic and East European performance, Volume 31, No1. Spring 11, p. 63–73.

Čunderle, Michal, Komlosi, Alexander and Zich, Jan: Ivan Vyskočil – A portrait. Internal material of the department, 2010.

Hořínek, Zdeněk: The Non-theatre of Ivan Vyskočil, Czech + Slovak theatre, November 1997, No. 6, p. 5–11.

Vyskočil, Ivan and company: (Inter)acting with the inner partner. (Edited by Michal Čunderle and Alex Komlosi), Czech translated by Alexander Komlosi. Praha: Brkola 2011.

The Landscape of a Life – film by Pavel Kolaja – a portrait of Professor Ivan Vyskočil, 2009.

Assessment methods and criteria

Grading takes place based on instructor's discussion with students and (eventually) short papers.

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