Awareness in Movement 3

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202EVV3 Z 2 2T English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The mask phenomena

Mode of study

Regular weekly meetings of the entire study-year in the grand hall.

Use of a large space for moving feedback on individual movement assignments:

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Body-mind health, coordinated movement, feeling for space, movement imagination.

Course contents

„Neutral“ mask position raised searching for the idea that the eyes are there where my mask is (high over the forehead)

Character mask on the face, central and peripheral back movement, manners of walking, setting the head, are inspirations in seaching for character types.

Recommended or required reading

Jacques Lecoq Le Corps poétique ACTES SUD-PAPIERS 1999 un enseignement de la création théatrale

H. v. Kleist Tanečník a loutka Praha 1930 (přeložil E. A. Saudek)

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: class attendance, interest and personal creativity, test, written review.

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