History of Scenography 2

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203DSIA2 ZK 6 3 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 119 to 149 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Graduates of this semester are capable of demonstrating an orientation in modern Czech and European scenography.On the basis of knowledge and independent study of professional literature, the student is able to develop a theoretical text in which he/she defends and explains the methods, context and reasons for his/her professional artistic project.

Mode of study

lectures and seminars, independent preparation of a final thesis and its presentation (approx. 10 pages of text)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Course contents

Lectures and seminars with presentations of the most important scenographic works of the Czech theatre avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s, seminar papers on selected topics from the history of avant-garde scenography in the field of film, search for sources of inspiration and connections of film scenography with the history of theatre and photography. Continuity with modern principles in the second half of the 20th century, postmodern methods and the use of new technologies in scenography.

The student will apply this knowledge in a final paper closely related to the master's project:

Recommended or required reading

V.Koubská, J.Zbořilová, I.Brádková: Divadelní kostým, Praha 2014 ( Engl)

J.Pritchard : Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, 1909-1929, Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2013 (Engl)

Metaphor and Irony 2 : František Tröster and contemporary Czech theatre design /[authors Marie Zdeňková, Delbert Unruh, Joe Brandesky , The Ohio State University, 2012 (Engl)

Arnold Aronson, The Routledge Companion to Scenography, ISBN 9780367509637, 2018 (Engl)

Arnold Aronson, Looking Into the Abyss: Essays on Scenography, University of Michigan Press 2005 (Engl)

Joe Brandesky (ed.): Jaroslav Malina in Scenography and Painting, Carolinum, 2019 (Engl)

Joe Brandesky: Czech theatre Design in the Twentieth Century, Iowa

J.M. Burian : Leading Creators of Twentieth Century Czech Theatre, London 2002

Pamela Howard, What is scenography, 2019

V.Koubská : Básník světla a prostoru, Praha 2007 (Engl)

V.Koubská : František Zelenka, Praha, 1994 (Engl)

V. Koubská : Antonín Heythum, Praha 2022 (Engl)

H.Bahr : Expresionismus, Mnichov, 1919 (Germ)

O. Schlemmer : Das Stuttgarter theatralische Abenteur, 1921 ( Germ)

M.Droste : Bauhaus 1919-1933 (reforma a avantgarda), Taschen Slovart, 2007 (Germ)

L.H. Eisner : The Haunted Screen, 1965 (Engl)

La Danza delle Avanguardie, Roveretto 2005 (Ita)

V. Ptáčková : Česká scénografie XX.století , Praha 1982 (pictures)

Kolektiv autorů ( F.Černý ): Dějiny českého divadla , díl IV., Praha 1983 (pictures)

M.Obst, A-Scherl : K dějinám české divadelní avantgardy, Praha 1962 (pictures)

B.Srba : V zahradách Thespidových, Praha 2009 (pictures)

B.Srba : Řečí světla, 2006 (pictures)

M.Lamač : Osma a skupina výtvarných umělců, 1907-1917, Praha 1988 (pictures)

Expresionismus a české umění (katalog), Praha 1994 (pictures)

F.Černý : Premiéry bratří Čapků, Hynek Praha 2000 (pictures)

J.Gillar: M.Kouřil a scénografie D 34 – D 41, Praha 1971 (pictures)

H.Čapková : Bedřich Feuerstein: Cesta do nejvýtvarnější země světa, KANT 2014 (pictures)

V.Tetiva, V.Koubská: František Muzika, Praha 2012 (pictures)

V.Koubská, V.Valchářová : B.Feuerstein, scénografie, architektura, Praha 1996 (pictures)

V.Koubská, D.Chaloupka, P.Štembera, J.Rous : A.V.Hrska, Praha 2014 (pictures)

M.Nešlehová, R.Švácha, J.Hilmera : Vlastislav Hofman, Praha 2005 (pictures)

Výtvarná práce na jevišti národního divadla, 1881 – 1941, Praha 1941 (pictures)

Assessment methods and criteria

75% participation in lectures and seminars, independent preparation of a final thesis and its presentation (approx. 10 pages of text)

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