Costume and Character 2

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203KOA2 exam 4 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 79 to 99 hours of self-study English summer

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The atelier classes are devoted to developing thinking in the area of shaping the classical dramatic character and introduce students to the background and conditions of costume design about the time, style, and social situation of the creation of the subject. The student learns to critically reflect on the character, which he/she analyzes based on his/her own experiences. The student learns not only to reflect on the character but also from the position of stage interpretation. He/she is looking for her form in relation to the other characters. He/she learns to think of the characters of the play as a whole, which, together with the scene, acts on the viewer's imagination in the form of a unified image. The course deals with the shape, color, and material design of costumes with an emphasis on the dramatic basis of costume design. The assignment is related to the subsequent major capstone assignment.

Learning outcomes

The course contributes to the complex scenographic design and interpretation of the text. It deals with understanding the meaning of costume in theatrical production, developing conceptual thinking based on historical/classical dramatic text, and analysis of psychological and dramatic situations.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Ability to communicate visually and think dramatically. Orientation in the fields of: visual arts, material culture and literature. Creativity and ability to relate.


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Evaluation methods and criteria

Preparation and defence of the final semester project and accompanying report, the course ends with the final exam. The student will create colourful designs for all the characters in the play with a minimum character height of 23 cm. The student will produce a cartoon of the costumes with a minimum character height of 5 cm.

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