Chapters in Development of Artistic Perceptions 1

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203KVM1 Z 2 2T Czech winter

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Jaromír ZEMINA

Name of lecturer(s)

Jaromír ZEMINA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The lecture is to give students greater, more independent thinking about the meaning of artistic creation and to help them feel the need for constant learning and cultivation.

Mode of study

  1. Sample selection of various creative approaches taking into account the opinions of one influenced by the overal spiritual climate of their period.

Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship of old and new art.

  1. Part of instruction is the verification of what students know, for example, about the past in the arts and the monuments of their hometowns and residences and if they are able to, not only, think but also talk about them. This guides them towards being well-informed of the current cultural sphere, anniversaries, exhibitions, etc...
  2. Part of instruction are text sample readings which artists wrote about themselves and their works and general issues in the creation of art.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Pre-college education in the history of the visual arts.

Course contents

Selected examples of various creatives approaches, showing mainly how individual opinions are influenced by the general intellectual climate of the times. Special emphasis is put on the context of old and new art.

Recommended or required reading

Part of instruction is determining what, for example, the students know about the artistic past and heritage of their birthplace and home and whether they are able not only to reflect on this, but also talk about it. They are also led to being well informed about current cultural events - anniversaries, exhibits etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity in lectures, independent thinking, final exam.


For 1st year students.

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