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203SCMA4 exam 10 8 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 166 to 216 hours of self-study English summer

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The teaching during the fourth semester includes dramaturgy and interpretation of scenographic space and dramatic background of scenographic creation and is based on the personal master's project of each student. The topic of the master's project is chosen by the student during the 3rd semester and is now being developed purposefully with the guidance of the teachers. The Master's project defines the quality of the experience gained during the course of the course. The fundamental criteria are the level of analysis, interpretation, the ability of conceptual perception, and the high quality of art, and visual expression. In addition, the student demonstrates acquired technical skills and creates a project in the sense that it can eventually be implemented. The project may be of a classical theatrical/scenic nature or may be directed in a free non-traditional space. During the preparation of the project, the student defines individually and with the help of the teacher where the realization will be directed. Collaboration in the creation of student productions at DISK Theatre is welcome this semester. In the last semester, the teaching is already completely focused on the thesis, hence the semester assignments.

Preparatory tasks: according to the assignment of the diploma project, studying and searching for sources of inspiration

Thesis assignment: elaboration of the final diploma project and its explication.

Learning outcomes

Prerequisites and other requirements


Literature required for the preparation of the thesis

Materials required for the preparation of the thesis project

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Evaluation methods and criteria

During the semester, independent work in studios and a minimum of 80% attendance at tutorials are required. The condition for completion of the semester is a successful assignment, which includes a model (1:20), free artwork - 5 pcs, drawing/painting DIN A 1, 12 pcs of stage designs and visualizations DIN A 3, storyboard.

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