Introductory Course 1

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203UVK1 Z 1 60S Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Martin ČERNÝ

Name of lecturer(s)

Martin ČERNÝ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

This weekly introductory course for students accepted into the first study-year at the Set-design dept.takes place as a classical outside painting course. It takes place in beautiful surroundings of Southern Bohemia, in the AMU informal sports and training center in Poněšice at Hluboké nad Vltavou. The instructors are provided with the opportunity to get to know new students, make judgements about them and their artistic abilities and students casually learn the requirements that will be placed on them in instruction.

Mode of study

In order to acquire an initial idea, first of all the students are left to select the painting subject and media themselves. The most rewarding topic is a view of river Vltava (Moldau) with a ship's port or a road winding around a forest. In later days, depending on the situation (and weather) an assignment is given either as a group or with a view to the idividual abilities of the students.

During the day the work is viewed and corrected. In the evening the works are viewed with the students as a group and the results discussed and assessed. Care is taken so that in the presentations and assessments the students take part in free discussions about the drawings so they may acquire skills in independent analytical thought and reasoning.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Drawing and painting needs.

Course contents

Course content is drawing and painting in nature. This is a topically appropriate supplement to the later studio instruction of still-life and male or female nudes.

Recommended or required reading

See the planned activities related to instruction and instruction methods below.

Assessment methods and criteria

This introductory Summer painting course is assessed only with credit.

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