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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
204AHL4 ZK 6 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 129 to 159 hours of self-study English summer

Subject guarantor


Name of lecturer(s)

Branislava KUBUROVIĆ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

To acquaint students with the history of European theatre from antiquity to the present (consdering also puppet theatre). To acquaint the students with the cutlural and historical contexts, most important figures and fundamental milestones of development. A glimpse into the issues will gradually narrow towards the particulars of Czech puppet theatre.

Mode of study

Theory lectures describing the history of European theatre with an emphasis on Central Europe. The course lectures will be in English.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Independent study of recommended literature.

Course contents

A four-semester course devoted to the history of European theatre, which in the second part focuses on the history of Czech puppetry. Its aim is to place puppetry in the overall context of European theatre and explain the role theatre played in that stage of cultural development with regard to the role of the puppeteers in Central Europe. The basic methodology will be simple: we will ask WHO? WHAT WHEN? HOW? and WITH WHAT RESULTS?

Recommended or required reading

Oscar G. Brockett: History of the Theatre

Henryk Jurkowski: A History of European Puppetry from Its Origins to the End of the 19th Century

Henryk Jurkowski: Aspects of Puppet Theatre

Alois Tománek: Forms of Puppets

Authors Collective: Czech Puppet Theatre Yesterday and Today

Assessment methods and criteria

Lecture attendance is required during the semester which is a requirement for receiving credit (after the 1st and 3rd) as well as sitting the final exam (after the 2nd and 4th).


The basic literature will be supplemented during lectures.

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