Music Activity (Chorus, Orchestra) 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
204HAK2 Z 1 2T English, Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Name of lecturer(s)

Jiří KORMAN, Vratislav ŠRÁMEK

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Ensemble creation - simple musical accompaniment.

Mode of study

  1. Lecture.
  2. Playing all types of musical instruments, ensemble and solo singing, working with a microphone, analysis of seen (notation) and heard (music recording).
  3. Canons, ways to polyphony, ways to rhythmic series, jass „12“.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Intonation and rhythmic independence, simple instrumental play.

Course contents



Recommended or required reading

J. Pohanka: History of Czech music in examples,

L. Janáček: Moravian folk poetry in songs, Lassko songs, Silesian songs

M. Šolc: Secrets of chord symbols

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on activity in exercises.


Elective course for all DAMU students. Maximum of 15 students from other DAMU Depts.

Further information

This course is an elective for all students of this school

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