Acting 2

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204HTV2 ZK 3 8T Czech summer

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Name of lecturer(s)

Veronika POLDAUF

Learning outcomes of the course unit

A sense for multi-layered dramatic performance:

  1. Dramatic fantasy, imagination, playfullness, musicality.
  2. Ability to perceive the material as a dramatic partner.
  3. Developed physical and musical sense.
  4. Ability to communicate in a creative team.
  5. Experience in creative work for children.

Mode of study

Individual work with students, working with the year's creativity group, block instruction, workshops, collaborations with Directing-Dramaturgy and Set Design students, improvization and improvization exercises, dialogue exercises, working with a text, physical warm-up, working with the body, material, space, and written review.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. Creativity.
  2. Analysis and review skills.
  3. Mental-physical abilities.

Course contents


  1. The actor's psychosomatic being.
  2. The actor's relationship to space.
  3. The actor's relationship to the material, subject, puppet, decoration.
  4. Understanding the puppet.
  5. The puppet as part of the acting component.
  6. The actor in relation to the partner.
  7. The actor in relation to the production's theme.
  8. The actor as the dominant element in a stage work.


The versatility of an actor in puppet/alternative theatre stems from their knowledge and development of their own psychological/physical attributes. To begin with, students test out their ability to exist and act in a space, become familiar with and practises animating puppets and subjects, the voice, solo and choral song and all forms of stage movement. Following individual studies and specific scenes they get involved in larger stage forms with various study objectives (musical theatre, physical theatre, masks, pantomime, puppets). The actor brings the practical experience and skills gained in the first years of study to the production theme itself. He/she learns creative communication with fellow actors and with the authority of the director (student or teacher). The final phase of studies is held in DISK theatre productions, where the student receives several opportunities to act.

Recommended or required reading

Fundamental writings on acting methods from Diderot through Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Brook to Donnellan.

Other professional theory and history writings as presented in all histories of theatre.

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation and creativity during study. Fulfillment of all study requirements. Clear definition skills during study.


This course is instructed in close cooperation between the Directing and Set-design studies.

Instruction schedule see: www DAMU / katedra ALD / Pro studenty / Rozvrhy

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