Work on Performance Practice 4

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204IPR4 exam 1 4 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, -17 to -12 hours of self-study!!! English, Czech summer

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  1. Production idea and its consultation.
  2. Directorial-dramaturgic-set design concept.
  3. Initial production preparation and creation of the production team.
  4. Study of production.
  5. Reflection and post-premiere use of the production.
  6. The production's possible presentation at festivals.

Learning outcomes

Broadening study possibilities in „unusual“ creative acts, creating space for initial contacts in an out-of-school space, creation of the project as a base for future creative work.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Creative inititative, creativity, ability to manoever in an indirect environment, production-managerial abilities.


Individually recommended considering the project intentions.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Assessment of creativity originating in the monitoring of the creative process and resulting stage form.


An elective course. In this course it is not possible to assess any type of student initiative, for example, merely commercially aimed, but the activity originating in the overall department concept and support of student teamwork; projects with majority participation by AMU students.

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