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204MAAN1 exam 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 29 to 39 hours of self-study English summer

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Animation of an object, puppet, or material which may be the basis or part of a work for stage.


Learning outcomes

To introduce students with the particualrs of puppet theatre from the simplest forms to the current perception of this type of theatre as one of the tools of a synthetic stage form.

Prerequisites and other requirements

A requirement is a relationship of the students to the material and purpose for its animation.

  1. Intentional, talented, creative action in stage situations.
  2. Developed acting imagination.
  3. Puppet animation trade skills.
  4. Communication skills.
  5. Acting ethics.


Jan Císař: Teorie herectví loutkového divadla (SPN 1985)

Jan Švankmajer: Síla imaginace (Dauphin a MF 2001)

Miroslav Česal: Živý herec na loutkovém divadle (uč. text DAMU 1983)

Henryk Jurkowski: Magie loutky (Studio Y 1997)

Karel Makonj: Od loutky k objektu (Pražská scéna 2007)

Evaluation methods and criteria

Activity in exercises, presentation and creativity.


This course is a closed study-year group.

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