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204PUAI Z 2 28S+28CS English

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Practical construction work in workshops, consultations.

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Trade dexterity, ability to experiment with materials, creative manner of working with traditional technology.

Course contents

Students will learn about theatre history and the history and development of puppetry from the pre-theatrical age to nowadays. The course will start with discussing puppetry with magical background as one of the roots of puppetry and theatre. After that students will learn about the development of mythical puppetry – the most important form of Far-Eastern theatre. The discussion of mime puppetry leads to the history of puppetry in Europe, including the puppetry of Hellenism and the puppetry techniques of the Middle East. When talking about the development of European puppetry, focus will be given to categorization based on genres rather than chronology. We make a distinction between fairground and family puppetry and puppetry at aristocratic castle theatres. With the former, we will concentrate on the survival of commedia dell’arte in puppetry, while with the latter we discuss the characteristics of romanticism and puppetry adaptations in musical theatre (especially opera). The history of puppetry has a turning point at the turn of the XIX- XX.

century, as puppetry became one of the emblematic phenomena of the avant-garde.

Recommended or required reading

A. Tománek: Forms of Puppets

J. Král: Praktická technologie loutek

Assessment methods and criteria

Project preparations and documentation creation. Implementation. Review.

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