Parallels Between Fine Arts and Theatre 2

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204PVD2 ZK 2 3T Czech summer

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A series of classes that combines a chronological overview and theory context with the independent profiles of important artists. looking for parallels in the fine arts and theatre (3 fine arts lectures, 1 theatre lecture). Artistic trends are related to their idea sources (modernism, marxism, pscho-analysis, post-modern, etc.) Arts and theory influence each other. Works of the 1960s require a particuarly type of „explanation“ and are understood only in a historical, social and theory context...or....Art is not a matter of like/don't like, but requires a particular requirement of thought. An artwork cannot, without the rest be explained. It has it's own hidden parts. Along with artists such as Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Nam Jun Paike, the ideas of theorists like Theodor Adorno, Guy Debord, Walter Benjamin, Rosalind Krauss, Nicolas Bourriaud and others are presented.

Thesis: Along with the creation of pictures, scuptures or theatre plays...the conceptual creation of significance is equally fundamental.

The purpose is a bearing in contemporary graphic and theatre productions in the appropriate idea context.

Mode of study

Lecture, selected readings and discussions on them, class paper and its anlaysis.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirements.

Course contents

Recommended or required reading

V. Zuska: Estetika, úvod do současné tradiční disciplíny, Praha 2001.

J. Chalupecký: Úděl umělce. Duchampovské meditace, Praha 1998.

W. Benjamin: Umělecké dílo ve věku své technické reprodukovatelnosti, 1936.

T. Pospiszyl (ed.): Před obrazem. Antologie americké výtvarné teorie a kritiky, Praha 1998.

A. Dempseyová: Umělecké styly, školy a hnutí, Praha 2002.

Hal Foster, Rosalind Kraussová, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin Buchloh: Umění po roce 1900, Praha 2007.

R. Osborne, D. Strugis, N. Turner: Teorie umění, Portál, Praha 2008

R. Krauss: Sochařství v rozšířeném poli, In: K. Císař (ed.), Sochy v ulicích - Stav věcí, Brno 2011.

L. Dolanová: Steina a Woody Vasulkovi. Dialog s démony nástrojů, Praha 2011.

T. Kulka, D. Ciporanov, Co je umění? Texty angloamerické estetiky 20. století, Praha 2011.

M. Greil: Stopy rtěnky. Tajná historie dvacátého století, Olomouc 1998.

G. Debord: Společnost spektáklu. Praha 2007.

L. Kesner: Vizuální teorie, Praha 1997.

H. Belting: Konec dějin umění, Praha 2000.

J. Cage: Silence. Přednášky a texty, Praha 2010.

N. Bourriard: Relational Aesthetics. Dijon 1998.

Sešity pro umění, teorii a příbuzné zóny, AVU Praha.

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This course is listed as required for 1st yr. continuing to Master's studies in Alternative and Puppet Theatre Dept. Directing, Dramaturgy and Set-design studies.

This couse is listed as an elective for 2nd year continuing to Master's studies in Alternative and Puppet Theatre Dept. Directing, Dramaturgy and Set-design studies and 4th year Alternative and Puppet Theatre Dept. Acting studies.

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