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204REM3 exam 3 1 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 66 to 81 hours of self-study English, Czech winter

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  1. Basic pre-requisites for directorial work.
  2. The director in theatre; musical, artistic and physical theatre, focusing on alternative and puppet theatre.
  3. Textual analysis. Personal vision of the world and a personal statement on the world.
  4. Theme and story.
  5. Integrational mode of thinking.
  6. Time and rhythm.
  7. Detail and the whole.
  8. Editing and montage.
  9. Working with the actor. Situation. The character and actor's personality.
  10. Improvisational method.
  11. Specific production practice.


Learning outcomes

Senior MA program - teacher as chosen by the student

  1. Basics of theatre direction.
  2. Directing from the perspective of genre variety.
  3. The general alphabet of a director; alphabet of a director in the sense of an authorial position and statement.
  4. Working with the production team and ultimate theatrical synthesis. General idea.
  5. Working with the actor.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Creativity and reflection, ability to analyse and synthesise, ability to communicate.


  1. Peter Brook - Empty Space
  2. Peter Brook - Pohyblivý bod
  3. Zdeněk Hořínek - Divadlo jako hra
  4. Jaroslav Vostrý - Directing is an Art
  5. Vsevolod Mejerchold - Reconstructing the Theatre
  6. Josef Kovalčuk - Authorial Theatre

Evaluation methods and criteria

On-going consultations, supervision in rehearsals, review. Grading reflects the creative results themselves as well as reviews them and the clarity of student's future profile.


The course of study is determined by the person selected to be the master's study supervisor.

Instruction schedule see: www DAMU / katedra ALD / Pro studenty / Rozvrhy

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