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Learning outcomes of the course unit

During Bachelor studies students looks for a basic knowledge of the subject according to their abilities. Theoretically and practically they are equipped with professional knowledge preparing them to realise projects in the Master programs. Emphasis is placed on the natural need for self-expression.

The atelier's senior teacher plays a key part in directing the study aims, i.e. actively influences the themes which will be taken up in the main semester set design task for each semester. Assignments are tailored to the development level of the class or individual students.

Mode of study

The studio lead instructor, principally, corrects the studio direction, that is, actively influencing the topics which will be applied in the main semester stage design task for the period of each semester. The tasks are according to the maturity of the students in the years of study or individual student. Consultations with the lead instructor take place twice a week.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

  1. Creativity.
  2. The ability to make an artistic and technical record.
  3. Spatial sensitivity.
  4. Ability to communicate in a creative collective.

Course contents


  1. Assigning semester tasks for the artistic design of a production according to each student's individual possibilities.
  2. Study and development of creative, psychosomatic and awareness levels.
  3. Emphasising alternative approaches and principles of alternative and puppet theatre.
  4. The puppet, material and object in close and constant interaction between directorial, set design, dramaturgical, musical and other elements in theatre work.
  5. Overlapping theatre genres, including contemporary types of experimental performance.


Set design is a part of theatre production which ranks alongside its other components. In the theatre that we study at KALD (i.e. in puppet theatre and its mutations) the fine-art element is inseparable because it forms part of the theatre's meaning . However, the term „inseparable“ does not mean that it dominates above all other elements. The set design field of study includes all visual components, i.e. the creation of space, the puppet, mask, costume, props etc., and as such involves the preparation of material for (specialised) dramatic work. The purpose of teaching in set design is on one hand to accept the need for other components, and on the other to introduce new inspiring solutions and sources. In this way we reinforce the continuity with modern fine art and its new time-space forms.

Recommended or required reading

V. Ptáčková: 20th Century Czech Set design

V. Ptáčková: The Mirror of Set design

J. Zavarský: The History of Set design

J. V. Dvořák: The World of the Puppet

J. V. Kratochvíl: Commedia dell'Arte

P. Vašíček: Pilsen Puppetry

L. Kybalová et al.: The History of Costume I., IV.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on: completion of the semester paper, a paper and research presentation, completion of the final semester project and its presentation.


Set-design is a component of theatre production or a unique dramatic event which can be palced in the hierarchy of other elements. Theatre, which we are involved with at the Dept. of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (alternative and puppet theatre of artistic metaphor), set-design is essential because is creates meaning. The idea of essential does not, however, mean unequivocally dominant. Set-design is the presentation of space, its management through visual elements, such as, creation of puppets, masks, props, etc. This is the preparation of materials for (specialized) acting. The purpose of the training in set-design is, on the one side the accepting of the dependance on other elements, and the other, to contribute inspiring treatments and originality. We make efforts towards the continuity of modern fine arts and their new time-space forms.

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