Work on Performance Practice 4

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204SPM4 ZK 1 4T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Enriching study possibilities in individual creative activity, providing opportunities to establish initial contacts beyond the school. Creation of projects as the basis for future creative work.

Mode of study

Preparation, execution and subsequent review of a production and stage events originating in the initiation of personal semester tasks, and potential offered to students in working with theatres, schools and other cultural institutions. This course crosses all study-years and supports student teamwork which they don't usually encounter in study.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Creative initiative and professional independence.

Course contents

1/ Production idea and its consultation with the senior class teacher.

2/ Concept for participation in a project.

3/ Preparation of the artistic and technical realisation.

4/ Realisation (authorship, or workshop).

5/ Reflections on the realised project.

6/ Possible further presentation of the finished artefact, according to the school's needs.

Recommended or required reading

Individually recommended by the instructor according to individual project needs.

Assessment methods and criteria

  1. Production idea and its consultation.
  2. Directorial-Dramaturgical-Scenic design concept.
  3. Production preparations and creation of the implementation team.
  4. Production study.
  5. Review.
  6. Possible presentation of the production at colloquia and festivals.


Elective course.

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