Children's Scene 1

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205XDES1 Z 2 50S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Through the production of a childrens' theatre, puppet theatre or recitation ensemble in the given year, to introduce the current state and tendencies in the development of the trade and various approaches and methods of theatre with children. To compare one's experience with the views of the drama training students from other higher-learning institutions and the views of the instructor. To create assessment criteria for drama training practice with children. To introduce in practice workshops and classes with other figures from the field. To learn to assess theatre and teaching aspects of the drama training instructor based on performances. To introduce the purpose and key presentation and educational events reflecting and influencing the development of the trade.

Mode of study

Active participation in state-wide review courses and workshops. Monitoring performance reviews. Analysis and interpretation of the performance and methods of theatre practice with children. Discussion.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Course contents

The workshop depends on the active participation in the most important annual events in the drama training profession; state-wide children's theatre reviews, puppet and recital ensembles and children's stage recitals. Part of the events are distinct presentations of children's groups arising in the given season and in class and workshop for guiding and instructing drama training.

Recommended or required reading

HORÁKOVÁ, Eva; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav. Listování Kaplickou čítankou: Ze zpravodajů Kaplických divadelních let 1979-1984. Kaplice: organizační štáb KDL 1985; Praha: ÚKVČ, 1985. 226 s.

HOROVÁ, Eva; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav. 20 kaplických let: Kaplické kapitoly dětského divadla. Praha: Koordinační centrum pro dramatickou výchovu ÚKVČ; Kaplice: organizační štáb KDL; Praha : STD, 1989. 72 s.

PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav. Děti a loutky: Chrudimské kapitoly moderního dětského divadla. Praha: AMU, Divadelní fakulta, KVD, 2007. 224 s. ISBN 978-80-7331-111-7.

Tvořivá dramatika. NIPOS-pracoviště ARTAMA. 1990-, roč. 1, č. 0-. Praha: NIPOS-pracoviště ARTAMA ve spolupráci se Sdružením pro tvořivou dramatiku a katedrou výchovné dramatiky DAMU, 1990-. 3x ročně. ISSN 1211-8001.

Assessment methods and criteria

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This course may be completed in the 1st or 2nd year in an attendance or combined 3 year master's study, the 3rd year in the bachelor's study or in the continued 2 year master's combined study in the first year.

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