Contemporary trends in Performing Arts 2

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206EAT2 Z 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 57 to 72 hours of self-study English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Acquaint students with current arts tendencies in the performing arts including the performances of particular artists, ensembles and production models of operating those activities.
  2. Acquaint students with the form and function of European and world organizations and events in live arts and theatre.
  3. Expand students awareness of the context of their own projects (implementation and planning) in relation to the development of contemporary theatre and peforming arts.


  1. Student acquires necessary knowledge of the market for which the study program was prepared, current tendencies in Czech and world theatre and performing arts.
  2. Student acquires ability to evaluate and judge their own production activities and future intentions in the context and competition in the Czech arts scene and contemporary world trends which increase the working application nad competitiveness of future projects.
  3. Student is prepared to perform production practice (or as director of an arts organization or festival), that is, a person responsible for the content of the event.

Mode of study

Lectures / classes.

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Course contents

Course content is classes supplemented by visits by professionals specializing in particular areas of contemporary art - Denisa Václavová (graphic and conceptual art), Sodja Lotker (performance, scriptwriting), Pavel Štorek (dance and movement theatre), Marta Ljubková (drama and original theatre). The aim of the course is to introduce students to the issues of contemporary live art, acquaint them with the basic concepts and present the most significant artists and their projects. Emphasis is placed on a wide spectrum of art and the presentation of a wide variety of approaches of how to create in artistic operations. The study is concluded with a course paper on an assigned topic.

Recommended or required reading

Belting, Hans: Konec dějin umění (Mladá fronta, Praha 2000).

Bourriaud, Nicolas: Postprodukce (tranzit, Praha 2004).

Cools, Guy: International Co-production & Touring -

Gehl, Jan: Život mezi budovami. Užívání veřejného prostranství (Nadace Partnerství, Brno 2000).

Goldberg, RoseLee: Performance Art, from Futurism to the Present (Thames&Hudson, London 2001).

Havránek, Vít: Akce, slovo, pohyb, prostor - experimenty v umění šedesátých let (Národní galerie, Praha 1999).

Morganová, Pavlína: Akční umění (Votobia, Olomouc 1999).

Nekolný, Bohumil: Divadelní systémy a kulturní politika, Divadelní ústav, Praha, 2006

Prostor a jeho člověk (kolektiv, Vesmír, Praha 2004).

Sorošovo centrum současného umění: Umělecké dílo ve veřejném prostoru (Praha, 1997).

Srp, Karel: Minimal, Earth, Conceptual Art (Jazzová sekce, Jazzpetit č. 11, 1. a 2. část, Praha 1982).

Ševčík, Jiří - Morganová, Pavlína - Nekvindová, Terezie - Svatošová, Dagmar: České umění 1980-2010 (VVP AVU, Praha 2011)

Zálešák, Jan: Umění spolupráce (VVP AVU, Praha 2011)

Stein, Tobie S.: Performing arts management (New York Allworth Press, c2008)

Selected articles from Svět a divadlo - 1995 to 2013

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