Cultural Policy 1

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206EKL1 credit 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 57 to 72 hours of self-study English winter

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  1. Introduction to Cultural Policy – definitions and theoretical approaches.
  2. Modes of state support of arts; strategic documents on the level of state in CR.
  3. State support to the arts.
  4. Cultural Policy in selected European countries.
  5. National Arts Institutions and NGO´s arts organizations in CR and in other countries.
  6. European Agenda for Culture.
  7. Other strategic documents (Council of Europe, UNESCO).
  8. Networking and cultural policy advocacy.

Learning outcomes

The study aim is to acquire knoweldge and an overview of current cultural policy in the Czech Republic and the EU, and individual tools and measures of cultural policy considering international and national.

Prerequisites and other requirements

Interest in working in state or public management in culture or cultural policy events.


Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe

ERTÜRK, Eylem (ed.). Local Cultural Policies Handbook: Steps, Tools and Case Studies, Cultural Policy and Management research Center (KPY), 2011

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European Commission. Unleashing the potential of crowdfunding in the European Union. Brussells, 2014

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Ministry of Culture of CR. Koncepce účinnějšího působení Ministerstva kultury

České republiky ve vztahu k zahraničí na léta 2013–2018, Prague, 2012

Ministry of Culture of CR. National Cultural Policy 2015-2020 (with a view to 2025), Prague, 2015

Ministry of Culture of CR. Strategy of Support for the Arts in the Czech Republic 2015-2020, Prague, 2016

PETROVÁ, Pavla. Support of the Internationalisation and Export for Cultural and Creative Industries in CR, IDU, 2016

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Podpora kultury z Evropské unie do roku 2020, IDU, 2016

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TAMAS, Iona (ed.) Status of the arts, IETM, 2017

Evaluation methods and criteria

Participation and comletion of the course paper.

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