Media and Arts 1

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206EMA1 ZK 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 54 to 69 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Expand knowledge of the students in the effect of the media and arts interaction segment.
  2. Expand knowledge in the structure of Czech media with cultural focus including proper assessment to public impact (readership, printed and sold amounts, listeners, following, turnout).
  3. Increase abilty of the students to successfully communicate with the media.
  4. Acquaint students with the potential and limits in using non-traditional forms of communication (ex: guerilla or viral communications).
  5. Expand ability of students to actively use, so called, new media and social sites in marketing practice.

Mode of study

Creativity, interactive course; moderated discussions and discussions with guests (independent preparations in case studies), group assessment of independent work, media communications critique of selected cultural institutions and projects.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge at the level at the Bachelor's level of courses „Introduction to Media Issues and Media Practice“, including recommended readings for those courses.

Course contents

  1. The arts in the media.
  2. The media in the arts.
  3. Guerilla and viral communications.
  4. New Media and social sites.
  5. The particulars of the television and radio markets.
  6. Czech cultural publications.
  7. Media glossary, publications on the internet.
  8. The media market in the Czech Republic.

Recommended or required reading

Thomas Patalas: Guerillový marketing, Grada Publishing, Praha 2009

Jan Jirák, Barbara Köpplová: Masová média, Portál, Praha 2009

Vojtěch Bednář: Krizová komunikace s médii, Grada Publishing, Praha 2012

Lukáš Urban, Josef Dubský, Karol Murdza: Masová komunikace a veřejné mínění, Grada Publishing, Praha 2011

David Giles: Psychologie médií, Grada Publishing, Praha 2012

Irena Reifová: Slovník mediální komunikace, Portál, Praha

Jan Jirák, Vlastimil Ježek: Média a my, AMU, Praha, 2014

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